I got in the autumn spirit from all the beautiful leaves on the trees around where i live, and i just had to make some leaves like that :slight_smile:

All the models here were done in blender, textured in photoshop…they are low-poly models done for my game. Tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Why is the birch impaling the other tree? And without sap spewing everywhere, like tree blood? :smiley: Other than that it looks good.


Despite its simpliness I like it very much!
Reminds me of Harry Potter games I used to play a long time ago.
I live this comicbook style, man this is great, and I mean it!
Everything is so colorful, warm and nice.
And the trees are hot, you could think that they’re burning :wink:

This looks very lovely. Your game will have a good graphics quality. The only thing I miss is shadows. The lighting is too flat at the moment.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
there are shadows in the picture…it’s the ambient light that is too bright atm…but we have fixed that for the next update in the game :slight_smile:

Pay closer attention to how light is falling in the scene. Right now, you have leaves of equal brightness in areas that are not sunlit with equal brightness. The same is true of the trees. This is disrupting the “3D illusion” rather badly.

You probably are including too much detail in the scene; trying too hard. Leaves that have fallen to the ground quickly turn brown. Even bright leaves in the shade are much more muted.

Yes I agree with you, however this was not rendered in blender or set up to be a nicely lighted scene…it’s a screenshot taken from our map editor, and it would look the same in the game.
I also did not make the art for this game to be a “realistic as possible” style, but more of a style that just looks good for a game :slight_smile:
I have seen trees with leaves this bright around where I live, and wanted to make some like that in the game.

And actually I have some older textures that have leaves which are more muted and dull(they are already in the game)…you can them here:


…wait… those graphics are too good for runescape. Good job. :slight_smile:

hate that game…


i realy like the image expect the mentioned problems!
great work! when is the game finished?


Thanks :slight_smile:

The game is finished, here:
Well in fact it’s not finished…still in development, but it’s fully playable, you can download/play for free.

That is one truely beuatiful autumn image. Captured the feeling for me perfectly.