You! Yeah, you!

Looking for somee… ?

·Retro textured
·Lowpoly as all hell
·LIBRE assets

Then you’ve come to the right place.

AUVILIB is the sister project of both DSM framework and KVR/ESPECTRO environment; it’s where I place my pretty artsy files, including:


Feel like use anything over there for your projects? Then:

·Share the source (link to repo is enough)
·You can modify
·You can sell
·If you modify, be a bro and inherit

That covers the bases; if you have any questions then ask away.


This here repo is where I will upload things:

And what’s in there?

  • Material-making tools
  • Materials made with those tools
  • A panel for quickly creating and editing materials
  • Nodegroups and my awesome shader
  • An archiver for the textures (mesh data WIP)
  • Textures you can play unpacking with
  • [WIP] Terrain tools
  • [WIP] A custom blend-data link/append util

One hurdle you’ll have to go through: downloading some dependencies.

Why? Well, because rather than eating up my bandwidth with a million PNGs and OBJs, data for the project is going to be saved in custom, highly-compressed formats. To unpack these, you will need BlackMagic – which you can get here:

Just unpack the zip into UPBGE_ASSETS and you should be good to go.

Builds of BlackMagic for Linux & Mac: Nonexistent.

  • Me moving to Linux: pending. It’ll happen someday.
  • Me *ever* making builds for MacOS: not going to happen.

Right now it only applies to textures, but that is soon to change.


Regarding assets: Of course I’m only going to do the lo-fi things I do; but I actually want __YOU__ to tell me what you’d like to see more of. Sci-fi? Western? WWII? Go ahead and do that – or don’t, and I’ll simply default to making whatever I feel like.

As far as code is concerned: If you have an idea for a tool or feature that’s lacking then you can pitch it to me, but be sensible about it; there are some things I can’t do.


Want to contribute? If you don’t know where to start, you can message me.

All documentation pending. Explaining is tough.

Tutorials on how to use my tools also very much pending. For now there’s these videos, if you’re up for doing some figuring out on your own.

Final note: I’ve decided to fully integrate this with the larger project I have going on with my little framework and ESPECTRO shell – but that will take time.

As for 0.3.0 users who might want to use any tools or assets you can work on porting things yourselves, I’m never gonna do it; but please, feel free to ask me questions if my code doesn’t make any sense.

Will edit this thread to death and back as time goes.


Okay, since all theme suggestions for BGMC are just as terrible as usual I will instead do my own thing and work on solving this problem.

I authored the *.JOJ image format for my own needs, it turns every float into a six-bit mini; pass that through any compressor and the bump in redundancy does wonders for file size. And it just so happens, I’ve got these zlib wrappers I wrote forever ago just lying around…

With a little bit of porting stuff from dsm I was able to slap some functions on a dll that gets called from python; read blend data, pass it to my C, profit.

Images potentially eating up my bandwitdh out of the way, I’ll add a *.JOJ decoder for Blender and then do a similar thing for meshes because who knew, I also authored formats for that.

Okay, I perfected the *.JOJ encoder, built binaries for Windows and did some basic interfacing to call it from Blender through lytools.

You can get the cool stuff at:

For anyone interested in snooping around (or pointing out silly mistakes), the wrapping happens here and the packing/unpacking calls are made over here.

I’m now moving on to mesh compression that’s in a similar vein, and then probably a group/batch editor of sorts to handle mixing-and-matching of small pieces.

Eh, renamed the project to something more appealing, but ah. The point remains the same.

I’d be making up a new font as I complete KVR integration. Lots of window-making and SDL wrangling, not so fun.

But once I get something to draw some sprites to, next is loading up meshes and seeing what happens. Until then, ‘give me like, a couple weeks’

So that’s sort of done.

Got a window manager, windows to draw to and adjustable transparency to boot, now I have drawing text to deal with

So what’s this for anyway? I just wanted a custom window so I could make a new terminal to display debug stuff, so mostly for myself, but it could also be used for other things like previewing JOJ files and whatnot, which is a nice plus.

I’m behind on mesh compression (half-true, the C side is good to go there’s just no interface) because I figured out a way to further reduce filesizes on image archives, so I’m kinda trying to get that wrapped up before moving on. Should be done in ‘like, a couple weeks’.

Oh, hi. I dunno about you but I feel like a decade has gone by.

So here’s what happened: I got carried away, plain and simple. I was working on my C libraries, I noticed I didn’t have a good way to deal with generics, that made me try my hand at writting some automation tools, which somehow led me to look at writting an interpreter, and that in turn took me into studying compiler design and… oh shoot, where did all my time go?


It did happen. Didn’t I tell you?

So now there’s another problem: I ain’t developing for Windows again, ever. Not for free, anyhow. That means if my tools stop working for you… well, sorry BUT: not sorry.

With all of that out of the way: I’m making an RTS and all of the code as well as all the assets will be under GNU GPL3.

So… expect a bunch of spam on this thread soon ;>