Avatar and Blender

Today it was Announced by James Cameron that the next AVATAR movie will be constructed entirely with Blender, and other open source software. In an Attempt to have Open source and free software brought to the attention of people in the Outside world.

He has already released information that many hundreds of models have already been created, and that main production will begin within the coming weeks.

He has not released any information on the Plot, or any script type details, just that he will be using Blender and other Open source software for production. This news is wonderfully afferming for the Blender Community and I hope that many more people learn of this great event in Blenders history.

Keep dreaming and happy April 1st to you too.:eyebrowlift2:

Haha good catch zanos!

It sort of gives it away when you post this sort of “news” in Off Topic. Nice try though. (although, where i live, it was posted at 3’oclock on April 2)

Well, can’t blame a man for trying eh?

And yes, I realised that the time was indeed april 2nd in Australia, as I live there most of the time. But here in Italy it was still April 1st, so Ihad a crack at it. Also I’m pretty sure that about 95% of the Blender community is in Europe anyway, so yeah…

And to be honest I wouldn’t want Blender being used if there was another AVATAR movie, tbh the first one was terrible, and I don’t want Blender aquiring a bad name :wink:

Darn! And I was about to run around in circles screaming and jumping like a maniac who finally in a long time got a package from his family members who do not like him that much.