Avatar - Free 15 minute screening

FOX is apparently trying to get as many IMAX and Digital 3D theaters as they can to screen 15 minutes of Avatar to the public for free. You can just walk in at a set time and see 15 minutes of the film in all it’s 3D glory.

I will definitely try to get to a theater on that day. This movie has had me hyped up for well over a year. The marketing and hype behind this thing is going to get HUGE by the time the trailer gets launched, which will be on the same day that this screening takes place, apparently.

They screened some footage to journalists about a month ago, and screened it again to people at Comic Con earlier this afternoon, and the word from both of those screenings is that this is pretty much the most awe-inspiring, visually amazing films ever made.

I’m so geeked out right now.

Sigh, I wish there were more 3D cinemas around this part of the globe :frowning:

Let´s see if they will screen it around here. Anyway I am anxious to see the official trailer!!

Too bad it’s wasted on that stupid anime.

Too bad it’s wasted on that stupid anime.

wrong. This isn’t that Nickelodeon show. This Avatar is a si-fi movie directed by James Cameron. Completely different characters, story, and world. In fact, Avatar has been James Cameron’s idea for 20 years (at this point I think)–which is probably longer than the Nickelodeon show has been in the ideas of their creators.