Avatar The Last Airbender!

Hey everyone, I’m going to go see avatar tonight, just wondering if any of you have seen it, if so was it good???

Going to see it tonight to, cant wait i loved the tv series.

Just got back from seeing it, I have to say i was not impressed.

They took out the humor from it, they changed a lot of characters, they passed or missed a lot of what made the avatar TV series good.

I agree, Aang was supposed to be really funny and happy, not that serious, it was annoying, plus Aang was supposed to destroy that group of fire nation ships at the end, not all of them, but he took a bunch down, instead they had to have an anti-climatix ending, ugh, plus the bending took them forever to do, they would be there dancing around for like two minutes, then a puddle of water would start moving around the screen, kinda dumb looking. And fire benders can’t create their own Fire :spin:, whats up with that?

Aren’t those two separate movies? Avatar is the James Cameron thing with the blue people, and the last air bender is the one with the chinese kid.

To throw a spanner in the works, there’s also the “The Karate Kid” where there’s a fair few chinese involved. I won’t be watching the “The Karate Kid” for a while, just to keep my image of Ralph Machio character “Daniel-san” in his innocence.

I too was/am a fan of the cartoon show, it is one of the very few that is actually worth the watch. (sure it has it’s cringe moments, but less often then most.) I’ve got quite a few friends that also liked the cartoon and we went and saw the movie together… it was all we could manage to keep from out right laughing during the movie, or just crying at the butchery…

One “favorite” part of mine, was when Sokka’s entire love story is introduced and developed by the one line of narration “Sokka and the princesses quickly became friends.”
Seriously, there has got to be plenty of basic script writing books that have a multitude of reasons why not to do that, regardless if it’s an adaptation of another story. I would have preferred they left that out then give it that kind of treatment.

aaaannnnd, I could continue ranting for quite a long time, I’ve got a whole grocery list of problems with that movie, and I’m not even harsh critic of movies normally.

Yeah, a person could say that, but I’m not talking about the movie avatar, when I say that I’m really refering to the show Avatar the Last Airbender, it came out a while before Avatar the Movie, and I was always used to calling it avatar, so I still write it in the whole title, just the way I think about it.

But yes everyone, the show was ten times better than the movie, the movie was kinda cool with a few of the special effects, but it was kinda a downer, I thought the blue spirit scene was pretty close to the show, other the the weird part where Aang was fighting in that circle area.

Well I am not a fan of the original anime, although I hear it’s pretty awesome. But I am fascinated by this train wreck of a movie, not least because M. Night Shyamalan seems to have taken a real nosedive career-wise since it came out.

A lot of people have also complained about the mediocre special effects, but having worked in the vfx industry for quite a few years, I have a strong feeling that it was more scheduling and script changes that ruined it. Also, the last second stereoscopic addition made the film dark and flickery, so the fx were harder to see.

Really, it seems hard to miss with a concept this cool and interesting. But somehow he did it.

what the air bender is not funny anymore but serious?


I am adult, but once I saw the premier of Avatar the Last Air Bender
at the animation festival in Ottawa I was hooked on it.

If you look beside that it is intended for kids, it is a very well made
animation show and the character development is great.

Too bad that the movie just blows it. I feel the same with the A-Team.

Yeah, watching the movie wasn’t near as good as watching the show, the movie just wasn’t funny. Some parts were cool, but most were kinda boring.

I missed my sarcastic saka.

Loved the cartoon series. Watched it all episodes, and will buy the complete sets later.
I think this movie will be a rental based on the reaction. :frowning: