Ave Espelita | Animation Demo Reel 2013-2015


This year has been a very pleasant one for me.
Coming back from a year long formation school in Switzerland, I had a lot more time to play around with blender and a lot of games. (particularly Skyrim :stuck_out_tongue: )
Here is a compilation of what I’ve done in hopes of getting a job in the animation industry. :slight_smile:

Made in Blender

Contact me at [email protected]

I’m positive that you’ll be able to find a job :yes:
I’m not an animator myself but this is good stuff, very fluid.
Best of luck!

That was some badass animation. Good luck with finding your job!

Yea that’s legit!

I like it! Nice job with the editing- the motion felt very fluid throughout the whole thing. The voices were a bit muted, though- not sure if the viewer is supposed to be listening or not? Might wanna adjust- depends on the intent. Well-deserved 5 stars :slight_smile:

Great to see you back, Ave! :slight_smile: Great stuff as always. - Reyn

Really really good


Two thumbs up!

Thanks guys! The encouragement really goes a long way. :smiley:

Thanks, Reyn! Hope to see you again soon! :smiley:

Many thanks, bossestrenders! True, the voices were a bit muffled from the music. I’ll watch out for that next time. :smiley:

Cheers mate!

Very very nice and professional.

well done, good luck with your career!

Good luck with your job hunt you have a very nice reel going for you.

5 Stars. Very Nice!!! Was all modeling done by you too?

Awesome ! Good luck ! I hope you’ll find a job!

Excellent work. The skyrim part is really great… And skyrim… Ah Skyrim… :slight_smile:

Fantastic work, Ave. The cinematic sequences (and expression through Skyrim helmet) are positively amazing! :slight_smile:

Great stuff. I’d cut everything from :53 seconds to 1:07 (leaving the beginning and end, just cut that small chunk out).

get rid of the robot from the first scene. it looks kinda cheap (even though we all know it isnt) and let the warriorbabe take of the helmet in the end. everything else is awesome. go and find a job i want to see more of thsi shit and i want to pay for it (even though we all know that i am broke)