Avenged Sevenfold Concert

I just went to my first concert tonight. It was an Avenged Sevenfold and Buckcherry concert with Saving Abel and Shinedown headlining. When Saving Abel was playing, there weren’t many people there, but there was one small mash pit. When Shinedown played, EVERYONE was pushing back and forth (really annoying). Then Avenged Sevenfold played. I am 14 and very small (5’ 3", 107lbs). People went crazy. I got pushed into so many mash pits and there were so many people I couldn’t move. It was crazy. I had enough and I left before Buckcherry even played.

14 an only 5’3?? When I was 14 I was 5’8 =D

unfortunately, if you will attend gigs for bands like buckcherry, that is what you should expect. If you can’t hack it, stay out of the pit!

I didn’t want to go into any mash pits. But when Avenged started playing, there were too many people and I couldn’t get out of the crowd.

Moshpits ftw!
Why would anyone want to AVOID them?

Dude I got ROCKED by like 20 or 30 year old guys. It wasn’t a pleasant experience.

I hope you didn’t get beat by 30 year olds, you should be able to take them out by now.

hey a bunch of my friends saw them last weekend, they were in minniapolis

lol I gotta say this. I think it was when Shinedown was playing. This dude was so wasted or high that he hardly knew where he was. He couldn’t stand up, but there were so many people packed together that he couldn’t fall down. He kept falling into my friend and my friend got kind of annoyed and pushed the dude into me. The guy kept falling onto me and I freaked on him after like 20 minutes. I just kept shoving him in one direction to try to get him out of the way. Then the people that I was shoving him into got pissed and just lifted him up and he crowd surfed away and I never saw him again. It was so funny though, but he really pissed everyone off.