Avengers Initiative: Hulk

Back in 2012 I worked on an iOS game called Avengers Initiative: Hulk. The game turned out pretty well and maybe some of you even played it. I had the pleasure of modeling and rigging nearly all of the characters for that title. This is the Savage Hulk model that I created for the game. The Hulk was modeled, sculpted, and textured in Blender with some additional sculpting in Zbrush. The characters were originally rigged and animated in 3Dsmax for the game. For this presentation I rerigged the model in Blender 2.8 and upgraded his materials and textures.

The scenery was created in Blender for this presentation. I had a lot of fun learning material nodes with EEVEE as the (nearly) realtime feedback is so much more intuitive for me than cycles. The majority of environment textures were downloaded from Freepbr.com and the HDRI that I used was from HDRIHaven.com. Both sites are invaluable resources!

Much thanks to all of the many folks of the Blender community for sharing all of their infos that helped me get this project done!

I’m hoping to share more of the characters from this game in the near future! Thanks for looking.



Wow this is some serious professional skills you got there if i was Marvel i would contact you!

Thanks for the kind words! As a matter of fact I was working for Disney, Marvel’s parent company when I made this.


I had a few more images I wanted to add here.

First is a little process animation for the background walls. I built the hi poly walls out of two parts, the bricks which are just displaced using a displacement modifier and the cement outer layer which was a duplication of the brick model that I did some quick sculpting. I was able textures these models since they had fairly simple underlying geometry. Next I booleaned a copy of the meshes and decimated the result to create a low resolution mesh. After creating some quick uvs I baked the whole thing down to 4 component textures.

As I mentioned about I finally got a chance to become more familiar with Blender’s node material editor. The caution sign was just one of the examples of where I was able to create a more complex texture from a single image.


Great work!!
And the wall is a very interesting idea!! This can be really helpful.

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I really love the sculpting

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This is truly an inspiration, good job I always liked characters but didn’t do any for a very long time guess I will be trying to do a character now thank you.

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HULK SMASH!!! :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

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Awesome! Do you have Artstation, Instagram, Twitter or anything else?

You know, this is one of the best Hulk characters I’ve ever seen, if I can say so you could make the head a bit bigger, that way it probably is the best ever made, even better than new Avengers games or, the movies - - For me, this is in top 3 Hulks ever seen, 3D or, not, Well done - -

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nice ya made hulk hot

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why dont you have social media a

@bartv Thanks! As a long time member of the Blender Community this comes as a real honor!

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Wow, thanks for the kind remarks! He’s not perfect but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

I have a dusty old twitter account @RagtagMatt and I’m working on the rest!

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Great work. I love the attention to details

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