.avi file posting help

Hi everyone i was just wondering which sites you use to upload your .avi animation? i have an anim that’s 23mb and i don’t know which site to upload it onto so i can post it here on elysiun. Information would be much appreciated!

Have you try the blender comunity site http://www.blender3d.com/cms/Community.19.0.html it has al link to http://gallery.mudpuddle.co.nz/ which offers some space but i don’t know the limit.

you could also use one of the free web site creaters - eg geocities - or look at some of the post and see were they are storing their images - often you just need to click on the image.

can be more helpful i get free space from my internet service provider, if you in south africa i know which give space with their accounts - other wise good luck

Try google video: https://upload.video.google.com/ or Ourmedia.org or (if you don’t care about your copyright) Putfile.com. Alltaken’s mudpuddle does have size/bandwidth restrictions on video clips, FYI. At 23Mb, I’d guess your’s wouldn’t be accepted there. You might try compressing it down further with Divx or Xvid… (I’d do that anyway for something posted here, as many are on dialup and won’t view something that large unless it has nudity in it. [j/k: :smiley: ])