Avial Online, 1.4.6 released!

Hey guys. For awhile i’ve been working on a online game. Everything was done from scratch and i think i’ve been doing pretty good, giving the fact that i dont know a whole lot about python and networking. But, nonetheless i got something that works.

About the Game:
The game is a Work-In-Progress. Making the game with RPG style in mind. Will have combat, money system, leveling, skills, weapons, etc. The server i coded is up 24/7 for the most part on the VPS my brother and I are renting.

The server and game does need lots of work and i understand that. But with time, it will get better. Hope to have an alpha version ready soon. For everyone to get on and just check it out. :slight_smile:


  • Basic Chat System / With previous chat, scroll option.
  • Player Movement / With animations
  • Client Movement / With animations
  • Player Name Display
  • Basic NPC Loading With Unique Models
  • Basic NPC Movement
  • NPC Interaction
  • Online Script
  • UserName/Password Match Login
  • Player HP/MP/EXP GUI
  • Player Inventory
  • Weapon Wielding
  • Attack with Monsters
  • Top Level Rank Board * New *

Features to be done

  • Money exchange
  • Friends List, with private chat, also, in game email.
  • And Much Much More

Update 4-24-12
1.4.6 is now ready.

Sorry for the long wait. I’ve been busy with my daughter coming into the world. And i’ve also been doing a lot on the game to make the update actually noticeable.
The updates consist:

  • Bugs *
    Fixed mouse glitch when chatting.
    You can see clients attack animations again.
    And some smaller bugs.

  • Features *
    Long period of Idle will auto log you out. “1 min”
    Bugged logged out players will be removed via server side.
    Added a Chat Icon above clients so you will know if someone is chatting.
    Ranks have been added; to see the top level players.

  • Environment *
    Added in the goblins to a area that is up on the hill.
    Made a gun for everyone to obtain.

I’ve did some changes on how the compiled files will be downloaded. Most of the textures are now external. This will allow for smaller download sizes once you have the main files ready.

Just delete your old Avial Online files and download from here: http://www.mediafire.com/?mljugn4cllk4500

Like always, if you encounter a bug that’s not listed. Please let us know. Thanks for participating in our alpha testing.

Hot key reference

  • Tab - Opens shop and selects between text input slots on login and registration page
  • V - Switches camera view
  • Q - Opens a Quest log
  • C - Opens Character Screen
  • I - Opens Inventory Screen
  • ENTER - allows for chat input, clicking open area makes you move again
  • R - Enables you to rotate around your character

Update Screen 2-2-12

Update Screen 12-14-11

UPDATE 12-12-11

Check out our site and forums. Everyone that joins the game will get some sort of bonus. Either an item or exp bonus, still deciding.


presumably you could make a script that would make the player aware of the ground, and always align to it. this would also be useful for things like fences, or cliffs where you don’t want the player to walk.

btw if you want I could make a quick test level with a bit more graphical work, just so you have something a little more visually appealing to show.

I was kinda thinking about that, but, i don’t even know where to even begin with something like that. If you want the .blend, send me a msg and ill send you the current one that im working with. you should be able to connect to the server on the vps im using.

Could you perhaps release the blend so i can use the online part of it for my game?

`The Online Part Of It,’

you do know how hard it is to get good networking code, working as you like.
Even if he did give you `his networking code,’ it would not work for your project, as there are too many factors that would change.

If you read his post, youd see he worked dang hard with limited python knowledge to get to this stage.

why wouldnt it work for my game?

Synching with the Client, not to mention it will be using a different naming convention.
edited: due to my girlfriend checking my spelling. >.>

Sorry, but i don’t want to release the source of my server and game right now. Besides, like what Allan said, it wouldn’t work for you game. Might i suggest WSAG or Bzoo. As you could import your models into that.

Good luck with your game, I know now you are working on the online part of it now, but what is the actual aim of the game?

Besides being online. I aim for fun. I want to incorporate lots of stuff that will get the players involved. Stuff like quest, mini games, leveling. Being a gamer, i’m going at the approach of things that would make “me” play the game. I’m always open to suggestions that things should be added or might need better work in some areas.

Not sure if that answered your question. If not, be a little more specific and i’ll answer best to my ability.

Heres an update of a launcher i made for the game.

Hey guys check out the new Login, and Registration screen shots on the first post! Leave comments and suggestions.

Hey guys. I’ve been working on doing some combat in the game. Right now i’m just using a “Dummy”. Looks like a punching bag at the moment though. Right now i got it to where you can click on it. Then your person moves to it, and the attack sequence begins.

After the delay it sends a new hit to the server. The server sends back the updated HP left to all of the clients. If you try to move away, the attacking stops. And you can walk back to continue the fighting.

Next i’ll start on a another attack subject that attacks back. Might take a little longer. Cause i’ll have to begin to code the player stats.

p.s. I haven’t started on the actions of attacking. I’ll do the actions little later when i get more stuff done.

Nice, it must be hard doing all this work and, because its programming, getting almost no response, keep up the good work!

very nice. i’m working in a online game too. plese can you say to me how to make chat??

thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Very nice progress being made here,
Not a big fan of the gui, but that can be improved once the game its self is up and running.

I’m glad youve made some progress on this, keep it up!

Sorry to disturb but whats GUI? Google tells me it is a device thats lets me interact with electricity. :confused:

A GUI stands for Graphical User Interface. A common example would be on your Operating System. When all the major OS’ moved from DOS / SHELL interaction, we saw a GUI. Before that, there was a TUI (I beleive it’s called that) which stands for Text UI.
It is the term to describe the buttons and icons you see to represent data in a user friendly fashion, rather than just numbers.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey thanks guys! Oh yes, there is tons of room for improvement for everything. I’m not the best at coming up with ideas on neat interfaces. Nor am i good at making that sort of stuff in PhotoShop.

And to Marci about the chat. I’m using List for the most part, and using a the real time text = to a list position.