Avion Medieval game

Im sorry for the lack of info If you have clicked on this and it is not very filled in check back In a week or so while I write it up dont even bother posting rage or saying you shouldnt of done this because It will serve no use and will be ignored

Work In Progress

This Is a game where you start as a peasant and work your way up I know a lot Im going to write will sound boring and quite bad but im not the best writer so Ill try so this is an MMO where you start off as a peasant the through working and other means you can rise to be a squire there is no leveling scheme other than the class system this is because in other games I feel that its got too much Im a high lvl and im not even good at this game but I can kill you it will be a skill based game for example In a joust it will be first person and you aim with your cursor however say if you had a strong helm your vision may not be as clear as if you where to wear a low level helm you would be able to see a lot more but would offer less protection less balance ect

The viewing system would be if you where in a joust or you where in a normal melee it would be first person however if you where in a group melee or walking about it would be third person

The game engine will be UDK

Reserved for Use In the week while im writing it up

Reserved for Use In the week while im writing it up

medievial, this sounds cool.

Is this going to be a game with bows ,arrow,swords and shields?Will there be castles as well?I really like castle games.Did you get my message moviemake.

Yes Ill be as breif as I can get away with but the jousting Will ber first person but your helmet will restrict your vision depending on what you helm is the melees will be first person however group melees and walking around will be in third person and there willl be castles more will be writen up later

Sorry for the delay everyone I will have time at the weekend