Awkward mouse cicking

Up until recently I’ve done all my personal projects in blender.
Your software is great, and the developers really listen to the community.

In a way this is rather spoiling since now, I need to learn (dare I say it) Maya for work purposes.

This is all fine and dandy, will still use blender…but here is the rub.
For anyone out there who ran into the same predicament; the issue being.

Blenders 3d navigation can be set so the only hotkey required is shift.
Middle mouse moves the view when pressed…zooms the view when scrolled.

However I am required to press a litany of combos in maya. Left button right button middle button in conjunction with shift and ctrl just to move the view.

Its a headache, and counter intuitive.

Has anyone met with a similar circumstance…with a work around?

Blender is awesome.

Uh, I think this is what you’re looking for:

Indeed, have tried other forums as well.
But in comparison, this forum has been more responsive and helpful.

CG society has been nothing but rude.

Took a stab here to see if anyone uses the software.

Will just have to get used to all the shortcuts :slight_smile: