AWP/L96 Sniper realistic Render

Modeling and rendering done in Blender (Cycles)
Textured in Substance Painter

I offer the model and JUST the model (no textures) as a (nearly) free download but there is one thing you have to do:
Do someone else a favour, for example buy some cookies for a homeless person or anything else that makes this planet a little bit better.
I don’t want any proof I trust in humanity, write me a message if you have done that and I will send you the file (.blend) via E-Mail :slight_smile:
You may use it for personal purposes like rendering and sharing on Instagram, YouTube etc.
If you want to use it for commercial purposes you have to tag me and link my Instagram ( or YouTube Channel (

You want to see the creation process?
Timelapse Modeling:

Timelapse Texturing:

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