Axes orientation and FBX exporter

When you export an FBX, you have the option to chose which axis is forward and which is up. However, whatever setting I use, my models always turn out with the same orientation in the applications I import them into. Right now it seems the only way to remaps the axes is to manually rotate the model and apply the rotation before export… what is this setting for then? Is it broken?

I usually leave this option alone when exporting to Unreal and Unity, and it works fine most of the time. You remap the axis to maintain a consistency in your work, to keep everything organized.

I don’t remember how it is for Unity, but exporting to Unreal leaving this option unchanged exports the mesh oriented correctly, if this is not your case, I’d recommend just rotate it in the software. I’ve had issues before trying to deal with this.

Yeah, I usually leave that stuff as default as well. Works for me EXCEPT when exporting bones. Then goofy-rotation issues occur. From what I can tell due to left-handed vs right-handed axis system. I still haven’t found a good solution for the issue either, sorry.

to what engine or software are you exporting? I’ve exported mesh, animations and bones with no problem to Unity and Unreal. I have zero problems exporting bones and animations to unreal right now (using Unreal 4.16 at the moment), but if I don’t remember wrong, I had issues exporting bones to unity if I changed those settings. It was some time ago so I’m not really sure about that. My solution was to leave them unchanged and orientate the model in Unity.