Axis of rotation

Hi guys,

Anyone know how to set the axis so that it is aligned with the plane (ie. the slope/normal of plane)?

I tried to rotate the object so that it only rotate around the cylinder.


I’m not really sure if this will work, but it’s worth a try:
Press Ctrl-A, and select Rotation. This will reset the rotation values of the object, while keeping the mesh in the same place.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried it and still not working.

As addition note, this object is imported in .obj

The only other possibility that I can think of is to duplicate the mesh itself and put it in a new object in the scene.Shift-D all the selected mesh, then P to separate the duplicated parts into a new object.

i use Precise Align addon for that. there’s other addons out there that do that as well, Pricise Align was just the first one i used for that, does the job.

I recommend duplicating the object (Alt-D) and then rotating the duplicate to align with one of the primary axies. Alternately, you can align the view to any face using (Shift-Numpad7) or any of the other view directional keys.

Could select the face and create a custom transform orientation with ctrl+alt+space. Then rotate in object mode.

If you want to align object local axis to that face, could do that by assigning all vertices to a hook and then align the mesh object to transform orientation (TO), which is the custom one you just created. Select all vertices, ctrl+H -> to a new object to hook them. Select mesh object (only) and object -> transform -> align to TO. Could then apply the hook modifier and get rid of the empty.

Got it!