Ayleth Game Poll

This is the longer question to the poll above. It wouldn’t let me enter a long question.

Would you pay $2 to get:

  1. Access to periodic game play demos (small scenes, such as “Spider Fight in the Crypt”)

  2. An Ayleth model pack ( A selection of models, not all of them)

  3. A $3 discount off the price of the finished game

If not, why (besides not interested in the game)? Suggestions?

See my signature for the game’s website and thread.

  1. I don’t like playing games that much

2)I would prefer being able to see the scripts instead of the models. Free models are easy to come by around here. Good scripts are a rare gem.

  1. See number 1

I’m not sure if you’d be willing to offer number 2 with scripts instead of models, but I would definitely think about it then.

It also depends on how easy it is to pay you.

Thanks. I’ll ask Inferno if he’d be willing to share. Payment - it would be by paypal - on the game dev site. There would be a bit telling you my paypal account name. You’d have to tell me in your paypal message your BA artist’s name, and I’d pm you with the password to the Ayleth demo files etc.

Yep, it’s a work in progress. Hence the poll. Still working bits of it out.

Thanks for the post. This is the kind of info we are looking for. It’s not going to be a free game, but paying for the finished game would give you access to all game content. Not just and exe.

  1. I like playing demo’s and seeing the game progress but to pay money? It really depends on how many demo’s you release.
  2. It really depends on the model license. I’m not paying money to have a couple models to stare at. And I also wouldn’t pay money to be able to but the models in my game and include your name in the credits. I can get those for free. And I also know that none of the models your are going to give us are the ones you posted on turbosquid, and those are the ones i’m interested in.
  3. How much is the final game? If it is 50 bucks than three bucks off the game isn’t alot. And I also wouldn’t buy the finished game if it was that much. But if it was ten dollars… And who knows if you are actually going to finish the game?

Why do you assume that I wouldn’t give away some of the models I sell on Turbosquid in the model pack? Two different worlds. I already give some of them away, and yet I still sell them…odd assumption.

If you did get a few nice models from the pack, and you did want to to use them in your game, why would you have a problem crediting me? That’s just odd. In Ayleth, I credit every single contributor, even those who contributed indirectly (models etc not made specifically for the game). For example, Dim (some plants), Martinsh (torch flame, sunrise and set)

Why would you say “Who knows if you’ll actually finish the game?” What horrible thing would happen if you paid the $2 , got 10 nice models, a few demos, but lost the ability to get the discount?

No, not $50. I am not Oblivion or a commercial game developer. Maybe $25. Not $10. I sell $18 dollar models on Turbosquid 10 times per month at least. Assuming someone is willing to pay $18 for a chair, I’ve got to conclude that they’d be willing to spend $25 on an entire game, 300 models, scripts, music, textures etc…Assuming we did finish the game, you’d save $1.

This thread is really targeted at those who have a previous interest in Ayleth, not those who have never heard of it or don’t care either way. I assume uninterested people wouldn’t pay the $2.

I’ve simply offered the idea that the several people who have asked for demos and models many times in the thread would be able to get some game content, and support the developers, who will each make about 50 cents per 2 dollar purchase.

I sense that you are offended by the fact that I’m asking for $2. Why is that, I wonder? Should all blender content be free?

A demo, in some ways. is advertisment. You create demo’s to create hype about your game. You don’t charge for advertisment. It usually the otherway around. I am interested in your game, and have been for a while. And why would you sell turbosquid models here for 2 dollars when you can sell it there for 18 or whatever amount you sell it for.

Well, you said it yourself. Advertising. Creating hype and excitement. I may yet give out some free demos. Hence the poll before selling them. The reality of it is, yea, we’ll probably finish the game. We are over a nasty hump, meaning we do now have what could be called an actual game, rather than a collection of parts. I’ve run through the pre alpha demo, and killed some spiders, climbed some trees, explored a dungeon, a crypt and a huge outdoor environment with a village and market. We’ve got lots more yet to be implemented. So, I feel like we will get there. Maybe sooner, maybe later…So

Here’s the $2 part: A little money spread around the team would grease the wheels a bit. I don’t mind saying that!

If 50 people said “Hell yea, bring it on!”, I wouldn’t have to whip my team mates so often!:evilgrin:

Just kidding, I’ve got a great team. Really.

Concerning Turbossquid, what you say would seem to make sense. I still believe it makes sense. But I just keep selling models and textures. Why would someone spend $8 on a brick wall texture? There are 1,000,000 out there for free. Some are mine. And yet people still buy them from me and 1000 other people. I can’t explain it, other than the time factor. Someone sees my brick wall, likes it, knows he could spend 5 minutes or 2 hours searching for 1 just as good. $8 and it’s done. I’d rather search, but that’s me…

Ok, well I guess we will rethink the $2 idea…:o

I think you should have a free demo without the model pack. I would like to try the demo, but don’t really want the model pack. You could find a way to protect your exe and just give that away, then we can play the demo, but still don’t have your files.

3dmedieval I had a similar idea sometime ago. After analyising the results of my pool and the opinions on the thread I come to this conclusion:

  1. Finish your game and start selling it! No more questions ask, about the price or the way you want to sell it.
  2. Sell it like an indie game, not here on this forum but to the whole world(Make bying tutorials and 3d assets like an option on your site. For those who may be interested(blender heads).
  3. BGE community is like a big family, everybody expects to get everything for free. It’s like you don’t give your mother 1$ to buy you an ice cream, its somehow natural to expect, that she will give the ice cream to you for free)

mcguinnessdr: Ok, thanks for the input.

Haidme: I remember you asked about selling chapters vs the final game. Don’t remember the results. Family/free stuff: Agreed, I didn’t want to say it myself…Thanks

Ok, that’s that. Maybe the occasional free .exe demo, no freebies, finished game for sale and heavily marketed as an indie game.

Thanks all!

I suggest you look into paypal Donations.

There are indie developers out there who make a decent living off that model.

Like some people have said, it’s good to be generating interest in your project and a community. Releasing a demo will help generate that hype, charging for that demo will turn away a lot of potential fans.

From experience, very few people who play your demo will give you any feedback. 6,000 downloads might get you 10-20 comments. (actually, might be good to look into a feedback component in the demo, that could email comments directly to you)


http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=130089 This software lets you release demos without releasing the .blends.

Put out some free demos or a free demo and release it to the public like Haidme said, not just to BlenderArtists. Once you publicize the game a bit then it wont be hard to get PayPal donations. Thats my suggestion. People want to try it out and then decide if they think it has potential and is worth supporting.

Good luck with selling your game!

Thanks, all for the suggestions. I agree with all of you.