Azog the defiler

Hi, this is my last work. Azog the defiler from the hobbit. I use Blender 2.69, cycles and After for post-production.

Good bye

I’d love to see him throwing an axe at someone/thing:)

This is really nice. It looks like a young Azog =) You might want to check the proportions of the hands, they seem too small for his body. Also, the hair on his chest seems very coarse and bright, try toning back the color and thickness. Otherwise, nice piece. Cheers!

I really like it! Everything except the hair, I think in the movie he was pretty clean shaven. Either way, a impressive piece. :slight_smile:

Looks nicely stylized. I especially love the face.

good work! like the others said, i think the hair looks a bit odd. other than that though, you nailed it!