.B.blend and 2.3X series user default settings

I am using Windows 2000 Operating system.

Where is the .B.blend file in the 2.30 thru 2.34 series of Blender located?
I want to use the personal Color Themes that I now have setup in 2.33 in 2.34.
I have not been able to, or have not known how to save my user defaults to use in newer versions of Blender since the 2.30 was introduced.

In previous versions the user defaults were saved in the .B.blend file, but with the 2.3X series ther is no .B.blend file. If there is I can’t find it and neither can my windows search engine.

I can save my user default settings for the Blender application, and they will be there ever time I open Blender but how do I transfer them to a newer version?

can you save a file in 2.33, open it in 2.34 and press CTRL + U without having to physically go near the file?

The file is named .B and in windoze is in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender.blender


When I install a newer version of Blender 2.3 series, I remove the older version first. I keep 2.25 and 2.28 installed. I have not installed the 2.34 version yet. When I switched from 2.30 to 2.32 and 2.33 I always lost my user default settings.

As to the Username\Application Data\Blender folder. It does not exit on my system.

I sign into my computer under Administrator. My Documents and Settings folder has two subfolders, Administrator and All Users. The Application Data folder is not in either one of these. In fact a search for the Application Data folder or even .B shows that neither exist.

Application Data is an hidden folder which any user folder will have, even All Users and Default User.


That’s it.

Thanks! I should have thought of that.