B Dig - this is a game based on the flash game "motherload"

B Dig - this is a game based on the flash game “motherload” but a LOT BIGGER AND BETTER

i have a site in the making for it with all the info
the website
the game info
add “/page.php?4”
the F.A.Q
add “/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?4”

i also have a facebook page called “B Cube Games” which is what i use 99% of the time to talk to people

and my email is "[email protected]"

i want to make this game open world stile (making everything in the game work then shaping it in to a story) which means new items can/will be added at any time until we feel like doing the story (this means you can pitch ideas for items and add to the story)

i have a list of all the things that need to be made so you just put your name on the item you want to make/do (i will give you a description of it if there is no concept art yet) make it then send me the file (you can only have your name on one item at a time)

i have already got a small team of noobs “helping” for the xp

i have also got 2 concept artists (but there just about Always Busy)

what i really need help with is the logic stuff because from the way i see it this game is 90% scripting and all i know how to do is logic bricks (but i do consider my self a master at it) but it would be nice to have some help or convert my stuff to py

but any help i can get is good

ps sorry about any spelling mistakes i mist i am dyslexic


this sounds good i also have tried something similar to this but the problem is that blender cant handle mass amounts of objects.

i am working on a dynamic block loading thing right now but that needed too much logic bricks but i think i know how to do it now :smiley:

i can have about 1800 blocks before it starts to lag

wow! thats impressive how are you doing that?

“all i know how to do is logic bricks (but i do consider my self a master at it)”

oh ya same her i can script but have figured out how to mostly everything with logic bricks.

actually blender 3d can handle a lot of junk. if is is huge then yeah forget it. but here’s the trick the grid has a secret. If you go wayyyyyyy oFf it then you get lots of lag. but if you size every thing down then you can make anything. I tested this with my Thor game which turned in to a massive Word of WarCraft like adventure game. With everything small i can can have 4000 objects in my map (large) (desktop computer-Nividia 6200- low poly models)

HD laptop 2300 objects- low poly models

if blender had a Visual Basic plugin then i would code more than logic brick but python is ok.

do you know how i can do that with out key framing stuff again ? it is going to take me days to do it all by hand again

the thing that is making it lag atm is the logic bricks (i have too many) but i can fix it but the way to do that is by making it load a different block for every 10 rows so if i want it to be 100,000 deep that is a LOT i got to do what i need is a py that can detect the depth of a block and assign the right a property’s to it

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In terms of your game, think about optimisation early. Here’s an example. You’re digging down into blocks, no?
In which case, you want to reduce the number of blocks you have. Here’s one idea.
You start off with the top layer divided into large chunks, each chunk is the size of 5 * 5 blocks.
The whole world could be like that. Below the surface, the deeper chunks have more blocks in them, and as you move down, the chunks below you start to divide into slightly smaller chunks (the original 5*5). When you “dig” a chunk, the chunk splits into normal blocks and removes the block at the hitposition. As you go down, the blocks above that aren’t dug could be rechunked into smaller chunks. I’ll think about this more, maybe make an example :slight_smile:

that is sort of what i have done (just for the test one) i have a “chunk” every 10 rows (30 block long) which is full of empty’s when the “chunk” is enabled it turns all of the empty’s in to a defrent empty with a “near”(to cut down the number of logic bricks on the screen) so if the player is not near it will add a black plain and if near it will add a what ever block the empty is (difind by a empty (random terrain generator) that “places” it with a random propriety) but the random terrain generator adds a different set of blocks for each “chunk” so that when the player clides with a plain at a certain depth it will send a message turning just chunk 1 on or off and not all of them if you get what i mean so if i had a py that sets the property of the empty’s in the chunks it would be a LOT ezyer
soz about any spelling mistakes

i just thort of a new way of doing it i will just give it a try :smiley:

did not work :frowning:

the other thing to is you could just use planes instead of full cubes be cause the camera angle is just facing straight on just like mother load. and you could just have a dark horizon backgroud or texture of rock.

i am not just coping mother load i wanna make it bigger and better later on i wanna make it so you can see a tube like hole where you dug down but for now it is just flat faces

ps the lag is from the logic bricks i have too meany not from having too meany things on the screen

oh no i didnt mean that i know your not i thought u were using cubes but ya what if you had it so each piece only used its logic when needed so on each piece you could start out with an empty state and when mouse over it switches to the second state witch holds all the logic witch you currently have. then on that state when mouse over is false it goes back to state 1 i dont know if this would work or not.

when i first started making the terrain there was too meany blocks so i fixed that by making it a “near” (so it only shows when the player is near)
but then there was too much physics stuff (the nears) so i fixed that by making the the empty that switches the block on and off switch with a different empty when the “chunk” was not in use but now there is too much logic stuff

(so yes that is sort of what i did to fix the first problem)

think of it this way i can have 60 rows which are 30 long = 1800 blocks x3 other blocks on each one of them =14 logic (cant be botherd to explan what there for atm) then another 1800 x2 for the empty =28 logic which is = 9000 obj = 378000 logic bricks if it was all on the screen at once but i got it down to about 4000 obj and about 26000 logic bricks which maks the game run at about 37fps (this is just if the map was made of dirt or stone coal has an extra 3 logic brick)

ps this is just the blocks that make up the ground i also have the player and the random terrain generator on the screen and the property for the shops and items AND the stats on how much coal and coins AND what upgrades and a ore to coin converter you have

i just cant beleave i made all this in about 2 days and it works (mostly) before this the best i had made was a door and a switch and it took a week