B-mesh modeling tools papers better than zsfere



The video is impressive,and the idea interesting.
But is that “B-mesh” different with the B-mesh that Joeedh is coding? I think it’s not the same thing.
it reminds me the impressive “surface skeching”.

@kala_ndo same name but different things I think this one is aimed at making base meshes for sculpting so Base Mesh. the blender version is a data structure that stores all the points that make up a mesh in a specific way and provides an api for programmers so that the have a more organized and easier method to code mesh tools.

Great stuff here. :cool:

If anyone adopts this project, “BSpheres” would make a great name. :wink:

+1 to that. This would be a cool tool to have in blender. “Bspheres” is a nice name for it.

The zbrush zsphere are not only very powerfull, but an extremely usefull tool for modeller and sculptor that have unfortunately no equivalent in Blender.

In Blender you can play with metaballs to obtain a basic shape, but it’s nowhere as usefull and good as the zsphere can be.
Sometime i wish there was a way to convert an armature set with “Enveloppe” display into a mesh, as you can obtain some very zsphere look to those.

I hope one day there will be a coder able and willing to add this kind of feature into Blender.

Too many proposals. Too many suggestions what Blender should have. Ngons, unlimited clay, ocean sim, new animation system, now this. If Bmesh is any measuring stick, you’d be better off using another app. People seem to be living in the future wasting their time waiting for features as if they have nine lives to live.

jskurias –

You make an excellent point. While all of these features would be nice to have, all of them don’t need to be implemented into Blender. I wish Blender would have never put sculpting in as part of the program.

If you want this feature, please go out and buy zBrush. Some of us are going to stick with box and subdivison modelling.

Stop living in the future and stop waiting for features.

not sure if this is up to date with latest releases tho http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.5/Py/Scripts/Modeling/Array_Sketch

I respectfully disagree. Although, for example, I feel that there is too much fuss about some of the potential Blender features (bmesh for example… blender bmesh, not this one), Blender is still has much faster modeling work-flow than maya or max (of course, if you know what to do ;). Some of the Blender’s most important features came out as proposal that some brave coder decided to give a try. For example, Blender’s bone heat armature weighting (automatic weights in 2.5) is amazing time saver. Mind you, only Blender has this feature. I am not a coder, but paper seems clear and well done, and it wouldn’t be stretch of imagination that it can actually be done. And this is actually useful feature.

Anyway, I am pretty sure that Zbrush 5 will have this feature implemented, so if its not in Blender by then…

Blender is, for free, an amazing accomplishment. That said, I’d almost prefer that there were two versions: a Basic version for free and a more fully featured version for pay. The clamor for features and capabilities available in paid software is largely unaccompanied by the money that it takes to pay capable developers to implement them. Blender, with its limited development budget, can’t be everything that everyone in the community wishes that it would be.
Me, I’m going to pay for Modo and Octane - not because I don’t admire Blender but because there are things that I want to do now. I would cheerfully pay the same amount and more for a Blender with the same capabilities. Donate that money to the Blender Foundation? Nope: I don’t care to finance yet another animated short.

maybe someone can organize some project like http://www.savetheoceansim.com, for which blender users can donate some money to accelerate its implementation

The problem is this is just one of the many many ideas that get put forward. Some one sees some great idea, that sometimes is made open source that “must make it really easy to implement in blender”. There is still huge work to get all of blender 2.49 into 2.5 and other tools waiting to be brought into the main trunk. I’d rather see work getting basic modelling tools up to scratch before unimportant things like this thread.
Blender does many things which can be a problem in that it does them all mediocre rather than any one thong well.

I’m glad blender has sculpting features, I would not buy zbrush as it I don’t need it.
If something is a good idea, why should we deny it just because we don’t really REALLY need it? These bspheres could cut a significant amount of time off for modeling. Both box and poly-by-poly.

Liking a potential feature doesn’t mean you are living in the future either.


These two examples might be far from perfect, but because you CAN do it in blender I could keep improving to be at that level. This is on a 3 year old laptop done in one evening btw. Nothing wrong with having sculpting tools in blender.

There was an old script for 2.4x called ‘skinny’ that does that.

I partially converted it to 2.5 but never finished after I had the basic bone->mesh stuff working. Wasn’t too hard, would be an easy project (for someone else) to do. Unfortunately I lost my WIP version when my /home directory got borked so it would have to be started from scratch again.

And, looking at the link, if quad-dominant meshing is ever finished (doubtful…) then it should be a breeze to go from a bunch of meta-balls to a base mesh.

Thanks for pointing it, as the website is apparently long dead, with archive.org i could retrieve the latest version (0.8).
For those interested, i uploaded it on sendspace :


Amazing script, though it was made for 2.43 and it may explain some of the slight problems of the obtained mesh in 2.49b, the potential is really big.

Nicholas Bishop has looked at this as well after seeing the original link.

Could it be that Nicholas Bishop is experimenting with this?

Very impressive how fast he could came with something that nice, only a few hours after noticing the link.
Coding genius at work.

If someone actually starts coding this seriously, please don’t make it with bones.
Keep it clean and understandable.
That is, make a new object type for it.
Thank you.