[b]Problems with gameblender reflection maps[/b]

(Hirpo) #1

I am wondering: how can everyone else use reflection maps, and i can´t. I DO have blender publisher 2.25, the reflections work on cubes only. (when i use something more round, lets say a sphere, it looks like a discoball. :x )PLEEZ HELP!

(lizard809) #2

select the object, go to the edit buttons and press set smooth

(bmax) #3

stick your head into a bucket of icy water before you start trying to embolden topic titles…it doesnt work… :-?

(ineedanewbi) #4

actually it does work… like lizard said … use set smooth

… BUT, when u do this i can only get a stationary reflection map

i want a reflection map that moves or slides left, right, up and down depending on which angle u look at the sphere, because now, the reflection map looks exactly the same from every angle, and it wouldnt be true… its kind of stupid

anyone know what i mean and have a solution?

(eeshlo) #5

Are you sure you actually used the reflection map button? You have to click the little red sphere in the uv-image window header (between the
‘replace’ and animationtexture grid buttons) when you apply an image.

(ineedanewbi) #6

yea… i know that… i used the button, but i dont think u knew what i meant

imagin this, u have an extremely reflective marble… i want to be able to see the grass and sky in the reflection of the marble

u have a texture of the sky and grass and u decide to use it, but when u look at the marble, the reflection on it is the same from every angle you loook at the marble… (assuming that u used set smooth otherwise it looks like a discoball)

its kind of hard to explain, the reflection(texture) on the marble is stationary. it does not move and i want to to so it looks different from different angles

(eeshlo) #7

Ok, I see what you mean, you mean that the image moves with the camera. To do what you want, Blender should do something like cube environment mapping or other method, maybe something for a future Blender version.

(Hirpo) #8

Thanks! That was helpful! I can´t believe i´ve done stuff with gameblender for at least 3-4 years, and i did NOT even know about that button!!! :x So… Thanx!