B-Renderon: Standalone render manager for Blender

Glad you like it! Haha I always keep that suggetsion in my mind but for the time being there’s other improvements that have been asked for and I’m already working on now that I think are going to be useful. I will start to investigate the feasability of that though


Actually, I haven’t even downloaded it yet, but will later, since I will have a bunch to render.

Is there any way you could do a little math during animation renders and give us feedback on the render time of last frame rendered and a guesstimate of when animation will be completed, based on average of all frames to that point? This would also rock indeed!


Great, thanks for the info!


That would be nice, yeah!
Actually one of the new features I’ve started working on is a simple viewer to show the last rendered frame and the time it took to render so that you don’t have to look for it in the live log. Regarding the remaining time estimation, it certainly could be done (it would effectively be a guesstimation as you say, since in some scenes rendering time varies enormously), but first I need to make B-renderon get the info about the total frames that are to be rendered for each item, which incidentally is something I also want to tackle for another feature I have planned, so yeah, I’ll add it to the todo’s!

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Cool. Hey I just snagged 2.0 and fired it up… a couple observations:

  1. I just noticed that you can reorder the columns and scale the column headers, but this is not at all obvious to the user. Maybe some rollover pointer change when over column borders and tooltip stating you can reorder when over any of the headers…

  2. I opened the About and I’m confused if B-Renderon is free and open-source… I thought it is a commercial app? I (gladly) paid something like 8 bones for it…

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. To be honest even I had forgotten that you could reorder the columns, though I think it could be useful sometimes. The tooltip idea sounds fine. And about the license, like all blender addons, it’s gpl, but that doesn’t mean it’s free as in free beer. It’s a commercial GPL addon. Here’s a thread about this topic in case you’re insterested: Commercial GPL Blender addons and the copyleft?

Ahh, gotcha. I just figured since it is a standalone app and is exe… All good. Keep crankin’ bro. I will try to spread the word where I can.

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Thank you!!

Hi, this is my first time posting here, I use a lot our software is really amazing and enjoyable, but now I’m facing a scene that I have a lot of cameras in there, and I would like to render some cameras with one click without making different blend file. I mean that it could be like this plugin, but I would like it to do with B-Renderon because it eliminates the GUI of blender so that means more resources for the render. I could do this? Or it will be on another release?

Thanks for your time and continue your journey with this awsome piece of software, I love it.

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Thanks for your positive coments, I really appreciate it!

I haven’t impemented a “multiple cameras” feature so far. If you have a script that can do that with blender in background mode then you can assign that script to the items in your B-renderon queue.
At some point I’m probably going to implement the function since it’s been asked for a few times, but unfortunately I don’t have an estimated time.

If it’s stills that you need to render with different cameras what I usually do is assign the cameras to different frames (with the ctrl+b bind camera to markers operator) and then render as animation.
If it’s an animated scene I think probably the easiest solution right now is to make linked duplicates of the scene changing the active camera for each one. Then in B-renderon you make sure the “choose which scenes to add to the queue” option is selected in the settings, so you can easily add all the scenes to the queue by just adding the blend and selecting all scenes.

So weird. I just fired it up again, and this time it does have the resize columns pointer (vertical lines with arrows) when over borders… strange. Anyhoo, could you possibly save to config when we change the order and resize our columns, so it opens up right as we left it last time? Please say yes.

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Yeah, I thought about that yesterday when you mentioned the reordering thing, and added it to the todo, it shouldn’t be too hard. Another thing I was previously planning (but I’m not sure yet) is to automatically hide unused columns.

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Hey guys, i love b-renderon, just asking myself… could it be possible to add an option to select render devices per job? to be more precise. i have a work with 10 shots, i have a 10x gpu rig, and 10x doesnt scale quite nice… so i would love to be able to assign gpus/cpus per render job.
i am willing to give access to my rig to make tests.

take care guys!


Yeah, have you downloaded the latest update? There’s a “Choose devices” button that let’s you assign cycles render devices to the selected items.

Now, if you want to render different files with different devices AT THE SAME TIME, that is, render different blends in parallel, for the time being you have to launch different instances of B-renderon (I plan on making it a more straight forward option in the future).

Hey man, thanks for the quick response!, just having an addtional issue… B-renderon sees only 8 gpus, i have 10 :frowning:

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Oh that was a foolish oversight on my part, I didn’t imagine there were systems with so many gpus. I’ll remove that limitation.

Hi buddy. just tried v2.0. Great addon. Huge time saver.
The only thing bugs me is It doesn’t support the file output node in the compositor. In my daily workflow, I usually export 16bit png and Multlayer exr. Previously I’m using an app called Render Pilot for this.
It there any way to make it work with the file output node?

Sorry test it again, It works this time. Thanks.

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Yeah it does work! There is a only a little issue in B-renderon 2.0 with respect to this, which I found a couple of days ago, which is that it may display the wrong number of rendered frames after its finished because B-renderon counts saved images and with file output nodes there are multiple saved images per frame. I´ve already corrected that for the coming version, which I expect to upload in a couple of weeks. (If you need a build with that solved earlier than that send me a p.m. in blender market telling me which operating system you are on)


That’s great. Thanks.

New Update! Version 2.1 is up with some cool new features:

  • Added useful information to the status bar during rendering
    (frames remaining, average rendering time per frame, estimated time remaining for current blend)
  • Added option to set a timer to start rendering later
  • Added option to play a sound when processing is completed
  • Added option to always startup with last session
  • Columns can now be hidden and reordered and reset and it will be remembered
  • Added support for dropping of queue files
  • Added option to relocate blends missing when loading queue files, usefull when switching to a different pc
  • Other smaller improvements and bug fixes