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Hi all,

I’ve become curious about blogging and have decided to give it a go. Here’s my first try: http://www.vrotvrot.com/news/ . So far, it’s as exciting as creating the Community Journal back in the days when I was working for NaN :slight_smile:

I know that the layout isn’t great but I’m doing my best to collect some interesting articles.

Have fun,

[email protected]

I like the simple layout and colors. Thank you for finally updating your site, it’s been a while and the old design was…well…old.

Hi Bart, nice BlenderBlog
I added your RSS URL to my blog:

I wuold be interesting to collect links of all the existing blogs about Blender.

sniff, I miss the old layout!

man i remember doing your tutorials from waaaaaaaaaaaay back, haha.

they were really well put together, although i still proably could not do the mine ride thing.

by the way you say 300 people a day, is that 300 hits, 300 visites, or 300 unique visitors. just curious, becuase either way that is a hell of a lot of visitors for not being updated in 3 years.

good luck to you, and thanks for the great tutorials!

[email protected] steps into blogdom, should be interesting.


Ooooh… nifty. :slight_smile:

It would be neat to see something like “planet.blender.org,” using an aggregator like http://planet.gnome.org or http://planetkde.org do. It’s very convenient to be able to read a bunch of blogs in one spot like that, and really gives you an overall sense of what is going on.

Edit: sorry, I should have mentioned that I like how you’re doing things, [email protected] - very cool to see a blog that actually contains useful information :slight_smile:

WOW, [email protected]!

Man, your tutorials are STILL awesome! The welder Tut was genious… Still is genious.

Hey Goofster,

the tutorials are still in the old layout, haven’t had time to work on them yet. If you want, I can keep a copy in the old layout especially for you :slight_smile:

Have fun,

[email protected]

I just checked and it’s actually 400 unique visitors per day, of which around 85% are new. Not bad eh? This goes to show how popular Blender is becoming…

Have fun,

[email protected]

Some of those tutorials are real classics. I got my first shot at bevelobjects, multiple materials, etc by using your tutorials. Great old times, sniff.

Anyway, the new blog looks very clean and is easy on the eyes. I love the technique of the search box (it even actually works). And the news is useful. Bookmark added.

I’ll go and read your blog later, but just want to say… Good to see you’re still around [email protected], your tuts have really helped me out in the past and I’m sure they can do the same for lots of people!

To you and the others who wrote similar things above: thanks! It’s good to hear that so many people still enjoy them. Last week, I also found an almost-finished tutorial from a few years ago. I started to work on it but currently Blender is having some problems on OS X 10.4.3. Once 10.4.4 is out this should be fixed and hopefully I can publish this tutorial Real Soon Now :slight_smile:

Have fun,

[email protected]

Nice Blog [email protected] I like the layout, it’s really easy to read.

Michael Velikanje

Hey [email protected] I just glanced at the blog. I will take a detailed look at it over the weekend. But I do remember your tutes from back when I first started to use blender. I think your tutes and the ones an linuxgraphix.org were the only ones that made sense to me at the time and still are some of the most clearly written tutorials I have ever seen on the web.