B1 Battle Droid

I will be hapy if you tell me what can improve, and give feedback, thanks.


Model work looks decent enough, but the image is tonally the same all over. You’d be better giving it either a much brighter or much darker background, so the droid pops out – or improving the lighting to make more distinct areas of light and shade (imagine half the droid in shadow, or rim lit by an ominous red light). The droid itself could with a bit more weathering too – like oil and grease around the joints – for visual interest. Some examples of the droid online have dark red shoulder pads, which would add some nice detail and a point of focus. I would ask yourself what story does the image tell? Then play around with camera angles too. You have solid foundations with which to experiment – go wild!


I worked on my Project and i improve some texture details, i know he missing gun, so he will get a gun, now i would like to focus on Posing him, then i will improve the lightning.
Thank you for your critique is very helpful. I know wher to focus my work.

This is almost exactly what I was going to type.
Yes, add some more color to the scene. Dramatic lighting, make your lens telephoto, and turn on depth of field, maybe some motion blur, and an action pose.

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Iworked a litle biton this project, is one more thing i would like do,mianowicie pomysł z wyłaniającym sie droid from dark.

please tell me what can be improved.