B2.81 Is there any way to align UVs to a curve?


I am using Blender 2.81a and wonder if there is any tool to align/snap UVs to a bezier curve.
I know one can straighten UVs along Y or X axis. But I need something to align UVs to a curve.
I have an image texture (a detailed photo of a nice sweater). Now I want to align the UVs along the collar of that sweater.
Of course I can try to align the UVs one by one or using UV sculpting or proportional editing but thats not really helpful.
A better way would be to create a bezier curve along the collar in UV editor, select the UVs I want to align and hit a ‘Snap to curve’ button. Similar thing can be done in texture paint mode where you can create a bezier curve and let the paint tool draw along that curve.

Is this possible in Blender 2.81a?



is there anybody out there with some help please?

Probably not any way that’s simpler than just moving the UVs manually.

I mean, you could make a shapekey, including with a curve modifier if you wanted, project some faces from view, UV pin those verts and maybe some other ones, unwrap a bridge of faces…

Did you use Match Textur Space in object properties?
texture space

Hi bandages,

thanks for reply, but I don’t really understand what you are proposing :frowning:

Hi MarioPeper,

thanks for reply, no I did not use ‘Match Texture Space’ - what is it for please?

it Matches the texture space like a bounding box around you’re curve