B29 project

Thought I would share some stuff I have been working on for a long time, but haven’t really shared anywhere.

Crosscut clay render.

Bomb bays clay render.

AN M64 500 LB. bombs.


you took time to do a high res version
very nice beginning
which version of the B-29 is it ?

*note: i did a medium version of the outside *
nothing inside the plane

will you do high res of the engine ?

will follow this thread

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Holy cow! That is top notch work.

Did you work from plans or do a lot of eye-ball work? If you did work from plans, where did you get them? I’ve been wanting to do a good B-29 for a long time, but have never been able to find drawings that I thought were good enough.

Engine is still in the works and is decently high res, I started this project with no prior knowledge of anything so I ended up making a post war variant of the r3350 which I was able to adjust to look like the custom variant that is on doc and fifi. Now I want to go back and redo some of it to be more original.

. The version of B-29 might be a bit hard to pin down, but a good chunk of it was modeled off of parts catalogs for the A version,but I had reference images from all over so who knows what has snuck its way in.


Mostly eyeball work with just one 3 view drawing. There is a place with micro films of boeings original drawings and they intend to release them, but i’m not sure when that will be. Otherwise parts catalogs and maintenance manuals from Aircorps’ aviation’s library works well. Plus tons of reference photos. If you ever start work on one I would love to see that and share whatever references I have you could use.

Edit: I checked out your P-38 work and holy man thats some incredible work!

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Thanks for the tips and complement.

You’re B-29 is amazing work for just using your eyes.

I’ve tried a couple of half-hearted attempts at making a B-29, but I could never get the airfoil correct, which of course, made the seams along the engine nacelles look weird.

I’m familiar with the aircorps library. If I ever get around to making one, I’ll definitely spend some time in their catalog.

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WOW!!! That’s insane!

Your level of detailing is beyond imagination!

In 2015 I tried to model a sectional diagram poster of Tu-4, a soviet copy of the B-29…
But in my attempt I didn’t even get close to your result!

May I ask how many working hours have you spend so far on this model?

Also could you show a close shot of cockpit? Thank you!

Oh another insane detailed model :smiley:
Amazing level of details, wait for more.

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Nice work, I think your level of detail works well for a cross section like that, makes a much clearer image. As for hours i cant begin to guess, but I have worked on it off and on over a period of 7 months. I will post a cockpit shot once i get avionics in.

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on some columns i see some small cylinders
what are these ?

did you find some good references dwg for the engine ?

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you!
Seven months… Outstanding investment of talent, time and patience!

I’m going to stay tuned, I dream to see the final look of your work!

I suppose that you have enough references for work, but still I will share this photo report.

I believe that everything that does not concern motors and cannon turrets can be eyeballed from this source too. Because there is a legend that when Stalin ordered Tupolev to reverse engineer the B-29, Tupolev protested that he could make the plane even better, to which Stalin replied: “Don’t get better, do the same.”

The Tu-4 is such an exact copy of the B-29 - they even copied the cup holder in the control panel and the ashtray (although Soviet pilots were strictly forbidden to smoke in flight).

Hope it will help you)

Thanks for this, that helped a lot on some details I couldn’t find a lot of reference for.

Gun sight and Norden Bombsight

Two versions of Demand Oxygen Regulators one on the left is a type A-12 and the right one is an AN 6004-1

and some avionics in progress


Random cylinders sticking out are just unfinished parts or where there are missing parts. the rear of the engine is missing a cover, a magneto, a starter and a vacuum pump. Most my engine reference just came from parts catalogs on aircorps’ library, which are really good for familiarizing yourself with all of the parts.

Modeling and eye for detail is top notch, all the more amazing considering from what I gather is on the fly, up to this point :+1:

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Bombadiers Instrument Panel

Radio Compass control Box


Insane level of detail. I love it.


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Messing with some Technical illustration ideas.