B2MT addon. Exporter mesh from Blender to Marmoset

There is an argument to be made that keeping the “rename only” button would be helpful if people already have their collections set up and now they just need to rename everything in them. I like that making the collections now renames things - I think that is a perfect default behavior - but I can see the need for just renaming as well.

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Excellent, If you want more views and sales conciser a better name for this great addon. It is already hard to remember which name to type when trying to find new update for the addon from gumroad :smiley:

Yep, I just love this new naming one click solution that just works ^^

I finally had a good reason to test out this add-on and it works really well! I do feel like the next evolution of it would be to implement fiendish’s idea of it detecting the highpoly mesh without worrying about which mesh is the active one or not.

Another thing I would LOVE to see is a button to automatically load the high and low meshes into Toolbag and set up the bake groups there. It saves a couple of steps of manually doing it but I feel like it would be a nice addition.