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B3D Blender 3D Assets
Is a place for every Blender user to access High-Quality 3D Assets for Blender. All 3D assets are gathered in Blender 3D model collections as well as in Blender material collections and prepared to be used in the Blender Asset browser. The variety of 3D asset collections is large so everyone will be able to find the right blender 3D asset. Every month B3D asset collections are updated with the new blender 3D model collections and blender material collections to ensure that 3D artists got the best 3D asset content to be worked with.

On www.b3dassets.com blender users can download completely free blender 3D models and blender materials, buy 3D assets and subscribe to synchronization with that accessing all B3D Blender 3D Assets collections.

Every Blender user is more than welcome to visit www.b3dassets.com
B3D Team