B79 dont open on 64 but does on 32

Hi, a question, cause maybe others have got the same issue. My Blender dont open on my Win 64 version when i try on 64, but does open when i try the 32 version on the same configuration (W64 again) Could anyone tell why it is happening?

well there is a 32 or 64 bits version

did you get the right version at Blender org ?

happy bl

Of course, the surprise is that the 64 version installs but dont open on the W64, but 32 version runs fine on the same W64 system.

Well, there might be something interfering.
Does this only happen with Blender 2.79 = Did previous versions of Blender run well on that machine?
Do you e.g. have Python installed on that machine? If you use a systemwide 64bit version of Python that does not match Blender’s needs, Blender x64 might very well crash at startup while Blender x32 can’t access that Python installation and uses its inbuilt one.
What does the console/error log say?

Thanks, i’m gonna give a look to the 64 Phyton.