I began modeling a creature for the game engine based upon the animals from 2005 A Sound of Thunder,

Fully rigged, And animated. I will try to texture but will probably fail miserably,

Updated, Walk Cycle, Run Cycle, and an Idle animation are all done.


Looks like an interesting concept… I hope that the texturing goes well, because it will make or break this model :frowning:

Just a question… what kind of texture will it be? a lizard skin or a baboon skin/hair?

If I can pull it off it will have a fur-ish texture on its arms and part of its legs but a scale-like texture on its tail, and most of its body. However I am open to any ideas as it sounds like it will seriously suck when I texture it if I do so that way.

if you use a stencil to mix the two texture you can get a nice smooth transition wherever you want it, and with a stencil you can put patches of scales with the fur and etc.

May I ask, what is a stencil?

its a grayscale map that you apply to a uv and then lets say you painted the tail area white of the uv, depending on your settings that you used, the white area would receive the scales texture and the black area would receive the fur texture, now lets say you painted a gray area, it would mix the two together, there a tutorial for this on cgcookie

I see, it sounds very similar to a height map, I do believe I read about this on Blender Noob to pro wiki page, but at the time I had no clue what they were talking about. Thank you I’ll go check it out.

So I have taken a look at stencil mapping, and it seems fairly straight forward, however, I would imagine I would use a program such as GIMP or Photoshop to apply it to the model instead of via blender like I could on a plane? Thats my only question for now, thank you.

if you think about it you could use projection painting but all you need to do is unwrap the model and paint the parts white that you want to be the certain texture assigned to white. you can use the paint tool within blender i think that would be alot easier

Thank you, I’ll post with updates soon, in the mean time, I have a very simple track to player logic working.