'Baby and The Beast' Teaser Trailer

Hey all! In spite of my uphill struggle with Blender, I’ve managed to throw together a teaser trailerfor the CG/Live Action movie I’m working on. It started as a spur of the moment thing whilst on holiday, sharing a country cottage with my sister and her family. It’ll hopefully be a fun little short about 5 minutes long, perhaps a precursor to better projects to come…

Anyhow, feel free to check it out - it’s a 3.7 Mb Xvid encoded AVI, I hope that’s okay (I don’t really know what Codecs people are favouring these days…)

If you make this short you’ll be the next Peter Jackson. I’m not kidding. Lot of people talk that they’ll make a movie and yours in the making.

The crit would be the monster(lightning,animatio,textures…) but thats not important as the short movie itself.

Do you mean my films will be overlong and poorly paced? :smiley:

Many thanks for the kind words. I should have mentioned that the CG elements are not finished yet, but I wanted to do the teaser trailer at this point because I thought it would be fun!

I’ve done a little 3D and amateur film work before, but not with Blender. What I’m realising is that to get to the quality of work I really want would take years (with my level of skill and free time available) so I’ve had to compromise somewhat…

Now if I had the money Peter Jackson gets given to play with… :wink: