Baby penguin with his mother (fur experiment)

(sijp) #1

I wanted to try experimenting with fur. so I searched google for some cuddely animals and I saw this image:

so I thought why not try doing that?

this is what I got eventually:
this is my first attempt using static particles to use fur (I understood the idea by a thread here somewhere). my problem with this image, is that it doesn’t look very realistic (don’t care much about the modeling right now, more concerned about the materials)

(MoonDragon) #2

One problem. Pinguins are birds. Birds dont’ have fur. That could mean that you’ll never be able to replicate that image with something that would simulate fur.

(Calvin) #3

Actually Baby Penguins do have fur:

And as far as birds go (baby chickens also have fur). But there might be a more technical term for that.

(Pseudonym) #4


(Declinsion) #5

Down is not fur, it’s just very soft feathers. Ever pull those suckers out of your pillows?