Baby Yoda Animated Scene

Made in Blender 2.81 and rendered in Cycles


The image where he stretches out his hand to use the force has already a very yodaesque facial expression. Very nice :slight_smile:
About the animation, I’d like to know more about that scene… Why is baby Yoda sitting in this vehicle and why is he driving there (I guess he’s driving it using the force and not that he’s being driven)?

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@Pixelurge great work. The Disney series has been incredible already!

Spoiler Alert!?
I hope I’m not spoiling anything, because I hear most of Europe or maybe it’s just the UK won’t be able to stream this series for another month or two.
But Baby Yoda’s stroller is tethered to a device on Mando’s wrist.
Mando stops, stroller stops. Mando takes off running, stroller takes off running.

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See @CookItOff response. Thank you he was a very fun project to work on :slight_smile:

Thanks! enjoying the series as well!

Nice work, but i heard Disney Imperial fleet is coming after any Baby Yoda posts, not sure why though.

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Thank you. I think there was a whole thing about Giphy banning posts but they have since been re instated due to “mixup”.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you!