Hi guys!
I started this project today trying to create a realistic baby in Blender.
I started with sculpting out rough forms and then sculpting some detail with dyntopo.
Then I retopoligised the mesh and baked a normal and AO map and created the skin shader.
So here I am.



It’s been a while since I have seen a baby’s head, but I don’t remember them being so sphere-like. Maybe pull out the back a bit for a more oval shape? Make sure you’re looking at reference photos.

But nice detail on the eyelashes!

Another thing to keep in mind is to make the eyes bigger. Babies are known for having large eyes as they don’t grow as much with the rest of the body as they age. Also, push back and flatten the forehead a little more so it doesn’t just bulge out.

Can you show us your references? or your references are not very good, or your observation is a little of.

Thanks for all the feedback, improved the baby head a bit.
Hope you like it.

Widened the eyes and changed the shape of the forehead and some other stuff.
But when I get the baby ready, I’m not sure what kind of scene I want to build around it, so if you could think of something tha would be great.
Cheers! :slight_smile:

and BTW how can you change the thumbnail of a thread?

^Edit the first post and replace the picture with the one you want to change. I don’t remember if the thumbnail defaults to first or last picture, so you may want to experiment around with that, or remove the original picture and put it in a separate post.

Mate I don’t wanna sound harsh but I think you’re deep in the uncanny valley. I’d turn off all the materials and try to get the model according to any references you find online. The basic shapes of the head seem way off.
And if the base doesn’t look good, nothing you add will save it. I’d definitely wait with materials and any detail before you get the base and all the main proportions right.

Apparently you’re already baked and retopologised. So, I mean, if it looks good to you then it’s fine I guess. :smiley: But I’d really stick to some reference.