Baby's Got a New Toy

Greetings everybody,

Here is an image I worked on over the last couple of evenings. Rendered in layers @ 6000x8000px. Post-process done in PhotoShop.

nice image, but. why the hell render it at such a huge resolution?

6000 by 8000? Holy overkill, batman. Still, fantastic render, wonderful colours and composition. Though the photographic moon almost seems a bit out of place, the rest of it is beautiful.

yeah, enormous render, but awesome image…
truly art
5 stars

Ho!!my good !!! :smiley:

very very nice work :slight_smile:


5 stars, the render are super, did you made the trees or is it the gen3 script?

Very Nice indeed. On thing I dont like is the texture on the bunny thing. Its to “Easy” if you understand… But still good render. 4 Stars :smiley:

Lasphere, there’s actually what appears to be faked SSS and some nice shader work in there.

yeah, thats where at least 3 of my 5 stars are coming from…

I really like the creature and his weird (unnatural) skin, but the different elements (creature, moon, trees, light phenomena) don’t really seem to blend together. I think the moon being the biggest disturber, since that one is the most photoreal. If you can get that one in the same style as the creature (simplified and unnatural colours and textures) you get yourself a super image.


Very nice, i love the overall composition of the piece… 5 *'s

Great image, great composition, great SSS, great job! 5*

Great Stuff.
Maybe you could overlay some blue to the moon so it blends in some more.
Did you use Apophysis for the mist? It looks like a fractal algorythm.
Very Good!

Very nice render! Plants look incredible, and I love the swirls in the sky! The lighting is brilliant also!

It would be nice to see possibly a sligtly more detailed model though, with a bumpier texture.

Overall though, I love it!

Gallery!! Good job dude.

great work. nice warm feel to image. has he got a name?

Yoeri: Hey thanks a lot! I rendered it at that resolution so that it would be big enough for print.

BlackBoe: I am really happy to hear that you like it. Thanks for the C&C on the moon. Your comments as well as those from others have encouraged me to relook at it. Yeah, the SSS was faked. I rendered out different passes as well as vertex color light and blended them together later.

free_ality, MARTS, Flurp, Lua, Fliberty: Thank you very much! I really appreciate all of your kind words.

CasperN: Hey I am really glad to hear that! Actually I used Abaro for the trees.

Lasphere: Thanks a lot, I know what you mean about the texture. I wanted to keep it really simple for the little creature. More like a simple cartoon illustration, smooth lines etc… At one point I wasn’t even going to use a texture, only soft plushy shaders. Thanks for the C&C.

Sago: Hi there Sago, thanks a lot for the C&C. I had a few minutes this morning and went back and reevaluated the moon in the scene. I don’t think that for me the character and the world don’t fit badly together, you see that all of the time in CG movies, semi-realistic environments and then completely cartoon style characters. But you are dead on with the moon. Thanks again.

Meta-Androcto: Thank you very much, glad to hear that you like it! Yeah, I like fractals and Apophysis rocks.

Cuby: Hey thanks a lot! I really wanted to keep the character as simple as possible, you know something that contrasted a little with the environment. Thanks again for the C&C.

booga: Yeah, an unofficial name. Bush Baby. Thanks a lot for your kind words, much appreciated!

The image above has now been update on our site so if anybody is wondering why the image looks different today that is why. :wink: Thanks a lot for all of your kinds words! :smiley:

Matt :slight_smile:

It is all looking really great. My eye keeps going to the shoulder deformation. In the future maybe add a shape key to correct the deformation. Right now it looks strange to me.

Very cool picture, the colours are awesome, and his skin, nice.

very cool…