BAC #5 Voting Thread [CLOSED]

It’s time again to vote the best entry for this blender animation challenge. Please take your time for voting and look at each one before making a decision.
This is a animation challenge so the animation is most important. Do not take rendering, textures or sound (best to turn it off all together) into account.
Voting will last til Monday morning the the 14th of September.
The entries are













Annimwannab !!! So funny :D.

@waylow: Great animation, but I believe one replay was good enough.
@feelgoodcomics: Story and posing are good but it feels floaty, especially at the end when the skateboard falls over him.
@redjay: Try to loosen up the hands, that makes a HUGE difference.
@fatfinger: A little difficult to read when the board hits the guy’s head and he faints.
@finalglide: Good story, try to loosen up the torso, especially at the very beginning, he only moves the arm and the leg.
@animwannab: Everything great until the last jump, which I feel could have more impulse.
@RobertT: Need to work on your arcs. The pose when he jumps the first time looks weird. If you rely on IK try to make sure the movements look natural (i.e. follow an arc), the computer is the worst inbetweener.
@kiopaa: Nice but short. The animation looks good.
@N00BIE: Story is good. Animation could be polished at some points: when he picks up the board he kind of freezes. The jump looks floaty, as if it picks up speed when he is in the air instead of coming with speed and decelerating.
@bobg: Funny. It needs some work when he picks up the board, the hands pop into its geometry.
@eversimo: Flawless… (IMHO anyway :P)
@r3po (me): The part where the guy looses the skateboard looks floaty. It might be a little fast to read on some parts.

Great work every body.

I love N00BIE’s entry, I think he did a good job at telling a funny short story, and sound is always welcome, but this is animation challenge after all and my vote goes for eversimo, he did an awesome, smooth job at animating that skater. Kudos to every participant.

Thanks Réwii93! Glad I was able to make someone smile :yes:


I vote for R3po but the one from annimwannab is exactly the kind of humour I like

Great entries and way to go. I voted for everismo cause I think his animation was the best skill wise. I also liked the twist with the hand camera.
Kudos for Waylow great way to use the rules to build a skater park. But next time no need to make the park more interesting. just make the animation interesting :wink:

I don’t think you meant that as a back handed compliment - so thanks

I assumed that most of the entries would have Pantin - skating down the small ramp and falling on his ass
and I thought it would be nice to see Pantin land some cool tricks
So I made the ramp bigger - he could get bigger air and do some tricks that he wouldn’t be able to do on the small ramp

Certainly not!!!

I just added the second half of the comment to discourage people from becoming too ambitious to create additional scenery. It is hard enough to create a finished animation in 4 month as a side project let alone create new scenery.

yeah I didn’t think you meant it that way - so thanks for the Kudos

I added a link to DL the blend file for my entry on the vimeo page
and here is the direct link

feel free to learn from it - but just a warning - it’s pretty messy
I ran into a whole bunch of parenting issues which are explained in the file

Congrats Eversimo! My hats off to you sir!
Hey, when thinking about the next challenge, do not forget…kung-fu! :yes:

I don’t think it’s premature to congratulate eversimo on a superb animation. The action was astounding.

I believe our little 3D friend is capable of even greater character developement than we have seen in this round and I hope to concentrate on that aspect in the next challenge.

Kudos to everyone who participated and good luck in the next challenge.

Hi all,

@musk: just a suggestion. Since we undoubtedly have a winner, can we move on to the next one instead of having to wait until 14th?

Thank you for the votes! I didn’t expected this result…

@R3po - I think we could talk about the next challenge… but i don’t think if this is the right place, but…

@N00BIE - Great idea! But Kung Fu is really a CHALLENGE if there’s two characters in the scene, and they need to interact one with other… perhaps would be possible if we create a training environment…

I liked noobie idea! I thought about “football” but kung fu is more fun and easy to animate… anyone have other suggestions?

A hammer, nails and some some parts for; say a birdhouse.

A table, a fly and a swatter.

A boat or lawnmower with a ‘pull-rope’ motor (just a stretchy bone or three.

Just a gentle reminder that there are other potential subjects besides sports.

Ok we have a winner everismo congratulations!

eversimo       22  62.86%
R3po            2   5.71%
feelgoodcomics  2   5.71%
Kiopaa          2   5.71%
N00BIE          2   5.71%
WAYLOW          2   5.71%
Annimwannab     2   5.71%
RedJay          1   2.86%
RobterT         0   0%
fatfinger       0   0%
bobg            0   0%
finalglide      0   0%

I’ll get in contact with you for the next challenge.

Congratulations eversimo ! your animation is very smooth, how did you do this ?
Is it possible for you to explain your method ?
Thank you
Kiopaa (sorry for my poor english)

Thank you, Kiopaa!
I used a method from TheAnimatorsSurvivalKit… the combination of straight ahead and pose to pose. It’s funny, fast and easy to focus on your plan.

I think I will need some help to make the next BAC scene… I can’t do this alone! I don’t have much free time at my job…

…Double post error!!!

Hi guy. First sorry for my poor english.
I just would like to say that that’s a good thing to think about the next contest but I’d like to point out that the character we use for the contest hasn’t the appeal to be adopt by animators.Why we could not design character that are cute like the one we can find on animation mentor website or the one we can find for others packages like maya or other with the blender touch. And finaly great job eversimo and hope the next contest will arrive soon.