Bac#5 wip

This is the official WIP Thread for the Blender Animation Challenge #5. Feel free to post progress in this thread.

New blocking pass for my B.A.C #5 entry.

Why is the animation so not smooth? the poses are not running into each other. (I couldn’t find the right word, my english sucks:P)

Because it’s what’s called a blocking pass. All the keys are in constant mode. It’s to get the main poses right, before refining. Although, mine still needs a lot of work, before blocking is finished. :slight_smile:

Nice start fatfinger.

Here’s the start of mine when it gets done converting in about half an hour. I hope I have the oppertunity to finish it.

Great! I can participate at this time!!! This is my try
This is the start. I hope to finish this in time! I’m planning on board an animating straight ahead…

sorry my english…

Sorry double post… A little update from today.

I will try to participate in the challenge… not sure if I will have the time… Just for now

Hello! I have been away for ages and missed the last two challenges… Anyways, some nice entries here and good start.

I would like to throw my 2 cents in the WIP thread. I would suggest for the beginners to try and block out the whole animation first before animating it. It will help you a lot to measure distance and get the most important poses right. That will also help you figure out if your idea works or not.

I am a bit too busy these days but I really want to take part, hopefully I will finish my other projects (that are on top of my day job) and will be able to take part. If not, I’ll keep checking this out and offering my opinion to the ones that would like to hear.

@RedJay: I am particularly interested in seeing what you plan to do with yours… But I fear you may be overcomplicating your shot. Let me know if you would like me to nose into your idea.

@Dipscom I agree with you! Blocking the hole animation is a good way to start. I’m beginner and trying to follow the Richard Williams book… he talks about Straight Ahead And it’s disadvantages, talks about Pose to Pose and it’s advantages and about, (he said, would be the best way) the combination of both. I’m trying it and it’s really more fun, more fast, but is more ease to lose the focus idea… but you can force the idea planning drawing on paper… it’s the pose to pose principle merged with straight ahead.
Blocking Pose to Pose is the best way to get no errors or troubles… but with straight ahead combined to it, is more fun and fast.

Hey guys, this is what I’ve been able to manage in my free time. I have a project deadline in 3 days and hopefully then I’ll have more time. (Again it will be ready in 30 minutes.)

@Dipscom I’m not real keen on sharing my idea openly (thieves for one), but this time I’m trying to really push myself to see what I can do decently. Maybe I can PM you a basic outline of what I want to do.

The method I’m using in animating in pose to pose for each minor section then filling in, like I did pose to pose on the first walk, then filled it in and uploaded it. Then I did pose to pose for the slide and I haven’t quite finished filling it in, but I’ve uploaded it anyway.

My progress from today -

Here’s my progress for today.

Have fun!

@RedJay, I can respect your wish for privacy on your idea. I do not, however, think that someone would steal your idea. Even if it gets stolen, what would that imply? Nothing in my eyes, you still would work on your idea yourself and improve in the same way.

Anyways, that is not the issue here. Let us talk about the technicalities. Bear in mind that a lot I will be talking about is over my assumptions of what you (or any other) is doing. You may have done differently.

I would suggest you turn off the IK handles on his hands, you will get a much nicer arch while swinging his arms that way. Also, remember to rotate first the shoulder, then the elbow (if needed) and lastly the wrist.

I also would suggest for you to pay a bit more attention to his weight, and slow down some parts or his movements, he seems to move at a constant speed all the time, which is never natural.

When animating, think of acelleration and deacceleration. Nothing goes from 0 to full speed automatically. What differs are the time spent going from 0 to full speed.

This is already a rather long post so, I’ll stop here and come back later :slight_smile:

Ps: @eversimo: Nice one man, no comments there, I think I see what you’re up to on this one. Very cool idea. Will you loop the end?

Ps2: @fatfinger: I can’t comment much on yours at the moment. I’ll wait until you fix the “bezier chaos” you’ve created before saying much.

More Progress today.

Refining pass. Still needs more refining. Having trouble finding the refining button. :]

I won’t post progress here anymore… if you want to check my progress, the link is the same always.

Very Nice Eversimo. Ya got me chuckling

Heads up guys. Great stuff for this challenge! Just wanted you guys to know that there are only 4 days left (5 if you are on the other side of the world :wink: ) so use the weekend wisely.

Well, sorry for the delay, here’s my WIP. I’ll try to come up with at least 2 seconds of animation per day…