I like to announce the winner of this BAC: 'ditouch

He is the sole entry for this contest so he wins and gets to choose the scene and theme for the next BAC.


and welcome to round #8 of the blender animation challenge.
Today’s task and base files are provided by revolt_randy.

There are three rigs in the base file feel free to use all or any one of them.
The rigs are:

  • Pantin from Kiopaa
  • Max in Blender from Cesio
  • Nathan from FeelGoodComics

For Blender 2.49 use
For Blender 2.52 use

For uncompressing the files you can use compression utilities like Winzip, Winrar or the free 7-Zip available at
The files are provided under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License (

Thank you randy for your work. I hope that everyone has fun working with the file.

The Theme is:
Slam Dunk Contest
Be creative!

If you do not know what a Slam Dunk Contest is take a look at

The duration of the animation should be at least 10 seconds and may be as long as you want. Keep in mind that you only have a limited amount of time to realize it and we all have a private live (hoepfully :wink: ).

This contest will end on the 5th July 2010 at 18:00 (6:00 PM) GMT.

Here are the rules for this BAC:

  • All entries must be made with Blender.
  • we provide a base file for Blender 2.49 and Blender 2.5.2 with the rigs and necessary properties.
  • You may change the camera position and the direction of the light if it suites your animation. You may add more lights and cameras if you deem it necessary for your animation but keep in mind this is a animation not a lighting challenge.
  • You may change the size of any of the assets as well as the main characters. Please do not change the character itself unless it deems nessecary for a better animation (e.g. adding loopcuts for better deformations). If you do please keep to the license and post your resulting file back to the forum for others to see.
  • You may animate the scene as you see fit this includes all assets.
  • You may duplicate any of the assets if it fits your animation.
  • You may remove any unneeded assets or characters.
  • You may do as many shots as you need but keep in mind that every shot you add will mean more work and will take longer to animate.
  • You may not add textures or add new meshes except for duplicating existing once. Remember this is an animation challenge and not a modelling, material, texture and lighting challenge. Should the need arise to have more assets then provided please get in contact with the forum first and let the community decide wether it is ok to add the asset. When there is no objection from the community within 2-3 days of the announcement we will approve the changes. You will need to provide a new base file with the new asset (blend file containing only the asset is ok) to the forum to make it available to all contestants.
  • You should not change the rigs. Changes are allowed if the rig is broken or doesn’t work as expected. If you do change the rig you are required to inform the community by posting your changes or informing the host of the contest. This is to give everyone the same chance and let others learn from your improvements. Please keep to the provided license!
    Again this is an animation challenge and not a rigging challenge.
  • You are allowed to rig the assets to support your animation, this includes using lattices or shapkeys to deform them. If you do we kindly ask you to post those changes to the forum. Please keep any licensing issues in mind!
  • All entrants are encouraged to post their progress to the official [BAC WIP (work in progress)] opened in the animation subforum. Or you may open your personal WIP in the animation subforum. Posting to a WIP thread is not a requirement but it helps to structure once work and improve it. It further helps the community to learn about the process of animation. Above all this contest is ment as a learning experience.

The challenge will last for four weeks (and a few days) followed by one week of voting. Give two to three days for opening the voting thread.
To participate simply post your entry to this thread. Entries are collected in the order they are posted.

Due to new regulations on this forum people with a low post count are not allowed to post links without moderator approval. If you are in danger of not making the deadline due to this restriction please send a private message with the link to your animation to the host of the contest (musk).

When the voting is finished all votes will be counted and the winner will be announced. If there are no participants after four weeks the challenge will be closed and a new one will be created. If we have only one participant that participant will automatically win.
If there is a tie after the voting is finished the final entry which was posted first wins. The timestamp of the editing dates will be taken into account.
The winner gets to choose the new task. Should he refrain from providing a task or the task is not well suited for the animation challenge then we will provide a new task.
If he desires he may provide a new base file for the animation or improve upon the provided one to suite the needs of the new task.
We invite anybody to send a base file plus task which we might use for future BACs. Basefiles from the previouse challenges as well as all provided basefiles can be downloaded from the official BAC git repository at

Please send a copy of your compressed (activate File -> Compress File in Blender) base file to mailtolanger (@) googlemail (.) com. Please put “[BAC]” in the subject line to make filtering easier.

Please keep in mind that all assets for this challenge should be freely available to all participants.
Unless otherwise stated everyhting is under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License (

If you need server space to post animations, try one of these hosts:

It is a good idea to post your animation at least to one of the big video hosting sites as some voters have reported problems with privately hosted videos. You may post your video to more then one site. All provided links will be posted in the voting thread.

Best of Luck to everyone and Happy Blending!

Here’s some additional info for this BAC…

The ball is rigged with one single bone for squash & stretch animation. Nothing else is rigged, but if you rig an asset, it would be nice of you to post it here so everyone can use the asset.

The characters are Pantin, Max in Blender, and Nathan. Pantin is an easy to use character/rig. Max in Blender is a bit more complicated and harder to use. This character was made for 2.49 and works fine in 2.49. I updated it to work for 2.5 alpha 2, but since 2.5 is alpha software, I won’t address problems with it. Nathan is an advanced character created by FeelGoodComics. An intro video on how to use this rig can be found here: Nathan works fine with blender 2.49 and 2.5.

The theme is a slam dunk contest, as you have seen from the video Musk posted a link for. So let’s get creative…!!!

hey guys,

I was just checking the files to make sure they worked properly and it’s good I did because the 2.5 one doesn’t - Nathan is broken in there. I assume he was added to the file by appending from the 2.49 file? I knew linking directly didn’t work, but it looks like appending directly doesn’t either. He needs to be opened and saved out as a 2.5 file before linking or appending apparently. Sorry about that.

Here is the fixed file (compressed)

btw the fps in that file is also 2… might want to also change it to 24 or so.

Yes, it take place. I like the nathan model. So let’s go !!!

Hi! I think i’ll partecipate. In poor words the animation is an acrobatic way to put the ball in the basket! Is it?

I forgot about these. I might try my hand at it. I love basketball!

Put me in.
This is my WIP at posing phase

I will be appreciate if there is any kind person who can rig the ball so it can perfectly constraint with left and/or right palm :yes:

I’ve attached a .blend file that shows the child of constraint in action. In the example .blend file I used the constraint on the cube mesh, for this challenge I would apply it to the bone for the ball. It can be a bit of a bitch to get it to work. If you want the ball to stick to the hand multiple times you must use a new constraint each time AFAIK.

I’m not really experienced with animation, so if anyone knows a better way, then please enlighten us…



ChildOf.blend (367 KB)

thanks revolt_randy,

I added another child bone at BallRig, so it can perfectly constraint with palm. (copy lot/rot)

This is my another WIP
Currently I am trying to do face expression, thus it will be done for BAC8.

This is my another WIP www{dot}youtube{dot}com/watch?v=JeBsh51QrA8
Currently I am trying to do face expression, thus it will be done for BAC8.

Note: I assume my previous post will be deleted due to forum regulation which doesn’t allow member with a low post count to post links without moderator approval.

@'ditouch- I like your take on this! nice!
Here is the thread for WIP posts.
Probably shouldn’t clutter this thread with them. Just post your final here. And BTW you can edit posts.

'ditouch: Nice, very nice animation. Looking forward to watch your final entry.
The Camera is a bit far ( my taste ), if you add face expressions then I imagine you will have to redo your shots closer.
Good Luck.

@3dementia: oh, sorry, I will put my WIP there and PM admin to delete my previous post here. many thanks
@Animaticoide: thanks for your kind words, I know its a far camera, just want to show whole scene. I don’t have any clue how to make my camera shot better, maybe next time I have to mix several shots from another camera to give it clearer action.

Here is my final, added with a little works at face expression and packed it in a better render.

Nice entry. That’s what I meant about face expressions, spending time in something that can’t be seen is kind of awkward. The animation is smooth and good. Face is almost impossible to see. You do not need two cameras, key one camera on many positions as you like and make its IPO constant, very easy. ( Well next time ).

Good Luck:D

Ok this contest is closed down give a couple of days to open the voting thread

One question: why voting thread? Isn’t him the only participant?

No I have a couple of private mails with contest entries.

Ok my dumb. All private messages I got with entries are from 'ditouch so this makes 'ditouch automatically the winner.

lol. when will the next BAC start? I didn’t have time to do this one, and I want to do the next one as soon as possible!

congrats 'ditouch! I think your animation is excellent!