Back Me Up addon

Honestly this is the part that I want the most. I just lost an hour’s worth of work because I forgot to save initially and I forgot that auto-save in Back Me Up doesn’t actually just turn on. Hell I wish it was just always on. :cry:

Simply changing all the “\\” to “/” makes it mac compatible. Or at least makes a lot of it mac compatible.

Hi folks, What is the latest versioin, and where can I find it, I bought the original on gumroad back in the day – but its time to update – my preferences manager says that I have V1


Don’t use “LATEST”, use the actual date.

Hi Jeric and everyone else:

Ok where can I find the current approved version to be using with Blender 2.9 on 10/14/2020 == The version I am using is dated 6/11/2019 – over a year old


Yeps that’'s normal

ok, just wanted to make sure that I was on the correct version – its working nice, Thanks for a great extension

doing the same staff by myself. but it will be better to by your solution

WHERE!? every link is dead now

need it as air!

This is the best save plugin I’ve ever used, but I don’t know why I can’t find the sales page now.

Does anyone know where to purchase this addon ?

Not supported anymore, it didn’t had a lot of success :frowning:
TBH i’m not really proud of this work, it was my first coding experience and it’s quite an amateurish script, so i decided to remove it from the market

if some want i can share the source code / .py file here?


Thank you BD3D. I would love to try it even though it will not be developed further.

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It would be great if you could share here or on github, you never know…

Yeah that’s what i did, look above :slight_smile:

That’s brilliant, thank you.