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(jandro) #1


I don’t know if someone here remembers me. I’ve been out of the comunity for a long time. Now I’m back here to show you my last work with blender, a complete anim made with a friend of mine. I’ll post it in the finished projects section.

Maybe someone remember that I was coding a raytracer. And what happened to ti? Well, the project is noew forzen, but not dead. My last result was this:

As you see, caustic light works. But there is a lot of work still to do. Now I’m working (slowly) in a geometry loader. So I could show more than a bunch of walls and sphere. I’ll finish it as soon as I can (too much work in class)

Check finished works, i f you want to see our animation.

Have fun.

(theeth) #2

I do remember you. :smiley:

It’s a nice thing to see some of the old Blenderheads coming back.

Btw, that raytraced pic looks good. Is it me or does it have DOF?


(Caronte) #3

Hi, Jandro.
Nice raytracer!
I remember you too.
Don’t forget visit the Spanish CBA Forum.

See you!! :wink:

(jandro) #4

Yes, it has. And yes, is great to be back, I haven’t finished my exams yet, but that will be soon, I want to see complex models rendered with it, and free it as GPL so people who really know about raytracing could improve it. (I’ve been saying this since last summer, but the delay is caused by a total lack of time)


(Guinness) #5

Glad you are here! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(eeshlo) #6

I definitly remember, I was looking forward on working on that raytracer. You had asked on the old Blendersite if anyone was interested in doing some coding for it, and I replied I was very interested, I was wondering what happened to it. But of course I wouldn’t have much time anymore nowadays. Anyway, maybe you know or not, but I revived Montz’s Lightflow script, as you did work on that too, I hope you don’t mind the changes I made to that.

(jandro) #7

Of course I don’t mind. In fact I like to see that all that work didn’t dissapear. This remembers me that old “texblender” shader for bmrt and all that stuff. What happened with it?

Yes, you and MontZ wanted to work on the raytracer (i remember). But now it’s in that stage where you think “well, just finish the design and then release” and without any doc or examples. I promise to release it after finishing the loader. Without the loader I can’t do more than that hardcoded cornell box. Well, the loader and a script to export geometry from blender of course.

([email protected]) #8

Hi jandro,

I also remember you , matter of fact i still use your site
every once in a while to brush up on rendering stuff:

good to see you again,


(blengine) #9

that picture looks great! what are u gonna name this raytracer yer coding?

(jbelanche) #10

Hi Jandro,

nice to meet you again :slight_smile:
I do remember you and your work in raytracing stopped by crypto :wink: