Back-up of your files?


I had to reinstall Windows 7 because I had an error 0x0 (the logo appears and after that I had a black screen with only the cursor…)
Anyway, hopefully I didn’t lost my projects thanks to my external HDD. :eyebrowlift:

Though I was wondering, do you guys know a site where you can stock your blend file for free?

Actually I use whether Facebook or Google Drive. (I zip my files and send them as MP to myself), but it only works with small sizes.


I use Dropbox and Google Drive. Both are free for a certain size. Dropbox allows file versioning…

Occasionally Google drive with 7zip password protected file, For PC ,Acronis true image for complete HD image with OS etc, there was a free lite version available if you own WD hard drive and syncbackFree for project back ups to external and internal drives…

[ Edit ]

I found the link for the WD version

Thanks, I did a google drive account. I’ll add the files zipped with a password. Good idea :slight_smile:

i dont trust the internet, once its out its out.

i have a flash drive that i copy my latest changes to, then i have backup pc that gets updated less often, and a legacy version on a hard drive disconnected and in the packaging.

various versions also float around my other pcs.

Likewise! I also use my google drive and a hard drive to back up files. This is to prevent sudden loss of important files.