backface clipping, hotkey?

I’ve searched the internet, and forum, and it’s finally becoming enough of a hindrance for me to ask here. :slight_smile:

Is there a hot-key to toggle the limit selection to visible button (see screen-shot if unsure) ?

I find myself wanting to toggle it constantly while modeling, but can’t find the short-cut for it. Thanks!


Nope, not as far as I know, but if you don’t change your window layout much you could make a simple script to click it.

I made some subroutines to save and restore the mouse position cause click changes it, if you’re interested I can grab them when I’m at work tomorrow. (I mostly use AHK to cover gaps in our crappy in-house software and automate bits of web-forms, so most of my code for it’s there.)

Sounds interesting, though I’m running ubuntu linux. I don’t suppose I could use python scripts in blender to achieve the same…?


Dunno if you can change the state of that in python… and if you can, I think the only way might be a spacehandler responding to keyboard hits? Dunno what you can do if anything like AHK on there either.


Python and scripting is way over my head at this stage, so I guess my hand will have to run the marathon a little longer, until the awaited 2.50 with it’s customizable hot-keys…