Backface culling for wireframe drawing mode , why not available?!

It means drawing wireframe without back lines.

Video :




Any chance to have this in blender , cause the wireframe can go to moare messy than seeing for for some forms ?!

Opengl programming

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switch on “draw extra” > wire…

Something like that?

It is about line remove in the WIREFRAME MODE display , without filling faces and all. It is like the fill face limit to visible face only. This will give some speed to vireframe mode when users use a less powefull pc and don`t need to see the extra back lines of the wireframe.

Are you perhaps looking for backface culling?

I think it used to be in there (perhaps only in rendertime) but not sure now.

Yest that. Wondering why is not ?! Wireframe can be hard to see when lots of objects and on some low end PC wireframe it is only way to go.

Renaming the thread.

Now it is only for Shaded View , not for Wireframe View.

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Since i learned retopology, it’s been a dream to have backface culling in wireframe mode.
Wireframe mode is really great when using retopo, but at some point it becomes simply unworkable due to front and back faces being displayed in the same time. Only workaround is to constantly ALT+B to hide part of model, ALT+B to unhide everything, then ALT+B to hide other part of a model, etc… etc…

Hopefully one day we’ll see backface culling available for wireframe mode, would be so usefull.

9 years later, why is this still not a thing in Blender ?

Why can’t the back part just be invisible like any other software ?

It makes re-arranging topology in wireframe mode near impossible.


Is that what you are talking about ?? :thinking:

Hi FreeAccess, no, it’s not even close :frowning:But thanks anyway.

A few things:

  • there is a retopology shading feature in development. The RCS proposal has the “in development” tag and I saw a few tasks on about it (here’s one I could find back).

  • in the mean time, there are add-ons. Draw X-ray uses a shading method to put the geometry of the edited object “on top” of other objects using a distance threshold and Backface Hiding (made by yours truly) simply uses the face normals like backface culling does, except not in real-time but with the push of a button. Finally there’s Retopoflow which does a lot of things including a similar shading method to Draw-XRay. They all have their pros and cons and use cases. If you need the hiding feature but don’t need other retopo tools. In terms of pricing, Backface Hiding is completely free, Draw X-Ray is a “pay what you want” on Gumroad and Retopoflow is currently $86.

Blender 2.8 includes a built-in way to get a hidden wire view:

Simply enable Wireframe view and disable X-Ray:
Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 22.09.55

That’s different. Poke a hole in the front of that mesh and you’ll see what’s in the back. With backface culling you wouldn’t. That’s what the add-ons I mentioned address.