Background and camera panning

Hi everybody,
I was just about rendering an animation in which I added an image as a background with the compositor. The thing is whenever I try to move the camera the background “follows” that camera movement and I don’t want it to happen. I’ve found two possible solutions but any of them seems to fit me. One was using a texture for the world but I think that only works with 360º photos and the one I wanted to use was a regular photograph (although I could search for a nice one), the other one was using a plane textured with the desired photograph but that completely blocks my sun lamp. So, what could I do to fix the issue?

Thanks in advance.

A Sun type lamp can actually be right next to your geometry and still cast parallel shadows, and IIRC the fall off for Sun is constant. So objects don’t have to obscure your lamp. I thought that you would add the background image via the world background texture, but the distortion is problematic if you don’t have a big enough image. Otherwise mapped to a huge plane is ok.

I decided to use the world texture, I downloaded a big enough sky texture and changed the compositor a little to fit the new setup. I added the texture for the world, changed the mapping to global, tweaked the offset and scale a little and checked the horizont check-box under influence but it didn’t work… It still moves following the camera panning. Am I missing to enable something?

Thanks again.