Background I made.

It’s an okay background for a noob like myself. Well I think it is anyway. I was in a strange mood and didn’t feel like doing tutorials even though I know I should be. ^^[/img]

Hmm… Try putting a sky background on, and giving the shards a reflective material. It has potential. :slight_smile:

Okay, I’l try. I’m sure I can put a sky background on but how would I go about giving the shards a reflective material?

Update. (I know…I didn’t actually follow your advice.) I didn’t like the clouds and dont know how to do the shiny stuff yet. ^^

Ug. I hate to post another one when no one has even responded…but everyone I’ve shown my images to says the third is the best…so I guess I’l have to post it.


Those bumpy edges are too distracting. %|

Its artistic though, don’t know how you did it, but it looks pretty good. :wink:

Thanks for the input.

Update. Finished image. (I’m pretty sure I’m not going to change it again…)

Very kalidiscopic. I like the last one the best.

Thanks Paradox.

I made this signature and ended up using my last image in it. All I need to figure out now is how to get to the place where I edit my forum account ><. lol

yes, very very psychotic stuff. I would never use it as background though :slight_smile:


Nice sig. But would look better, not stretched. :wink:

But I don’t think you have images in sigs though. Thankfully.

I hate forums with half of the page taken up by sigs.

But you can still try.

Click HOME>Profile

Hmmm. I would change it so thats its not stretched…but I’m fairly new to blender and dont know how ^^. I added the text and most of the other stuff. Then I added my background as a backduf. Any suggestions as to how to make it so that the backduf doesnt stretch? Thanks for the advice btw ^^.

Did you make the entire sig in blender? As in, the text too?

What I thought you were going to do is, take the background picture. Stick it in Photoshop, cut out the top and bottom areas and put some text there.

Basse, did you mean “psychadelic”?
yeah I think it’s pretty trippy… and the first one I might use as a background, not too distracting or anything…

Heh thats a crazy image. A bit too pschedelic to have as my background. I’d probably have an epileptic fit everytime I did a boolean.

It looks a bit like inside the colon leading to the anus.

It’s bright, vibrant, and jagged… I like it!

Yes, I did make the entire image in blender. However I did not make the font, I downloaded it off some site, and used the blender text option. ^^