background imaage in blender 2.34

mac os 10.3.5 blender 2.34
I attempted to load a jpg background image as discribed in the latest online manual.: view/background image/ click "use background image/ select background image/enter/
the bkgndimg dialog box says the image is selected the blend is 1.000, size (I tried everything from 1-35) xoffset.00Y offset.00. but see no background image. I have no other object on my file but lcreated a mesh object and still nothing.
appreciate any help.

%| , not on a computer with Blender now, but I’m guessing you’re either not in one of the view modes, 7 top view, 1 front view, or 3 side view. You can try messing around with the blend values also. I think 1 blends the whole image that’s why you see nothing. Hmm or was 0 the one where it blends the whole image. Well just mess around with the blend value and make sure your in one of the view modes. You should be able to see the background image after that.

*Note: if you’re not in any of those view modes, you won’t be able to see the background image also.

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Jason Lin

thank you jason, yes, I tried that and it is the solution. I searched the book thoroughly but found nothing that mentioned this, not unlike other tech manuals where the obvious is taken for granted as being…well…


lol! :smiley: it happens to the best of us! you learn with experience!

I noticed the other day that in Blender 2.34 if you open a blender file that had been previously saved from another time, and try and display a background while in the top view (num pad 7) it does not appear. You can only see the background in the camera view (num pad 0). If you start a new project, and do the same thing the background image displays in the top view. Has anyone else ever noticed this? I don’t seem to remember this ever being a problem in blender 2.33a. Is this a bug?

You’re probably in perspective mode.


How do I get out of perspective mode? Shouldn’t I be able to see it in the top view?

Figure it out (num pad 5). Sorry for the false alarm.