Background image on a separate layer?

Hi all,

I’d like more control over my background image for an interior scene. Is it difficult to set up the scene so that my background is on its own layer, so I can adjust contrast, color balance, etc, in the compositor, without affecting the rest of the scene? My attempt to do, so failed miserably. If anyone knows any tutorials to refer me to, or if there’s a simple way to explain it, i’d really appreciate the help. Thanks -

Yes, using render layers you can separate the background from the interior. If you’re using Cycles, you can set up the background material so that it only shows in camera but doesn’t light the scene, if that is what you wish.
Longer explanation of render layers here.


background_renderlayer_cycles.blend (781 KB)

Thanks, JA12 - I appreciate the reference. Figured out what I was doing wrong.


Personally, I break down shots like this so that, if I (as usual …) have a background that isn’t moving, I only have to render one frame that contains only the background. Everything is ultimately pieced-together (using file inputs …) using the compositor.

It does take more advance preparation to set up a workflow like this, but it pays off in terms of flexibility at the end.