Background Image

Hi. I’ve been using Blender to do some visualizations for my girlfriend, who’s getting her degree in architecture. I’ve been “composing”(I hear that’s the hip term nowadays, although I didn’t use nodes for the “composition” per se) a model I made of her project onto some background images. I had no problem doing it, but I just got to wonder: the technique, if you can call it that, I used was just mapping the background image into the horizon color of the World, with Paper turned on, and using the same image as a background in my camera view. That way, I could get an accurate preview of how my final render was gonna turn up.

So this is my question, how can you have a decent preview of your render when you are not using the world in “paper mode”, or when you’re composing to an image using nodes?

Also, if you want your objects to cast shadows over the background image, is making a “ground” object with an “onlyShadows” material the way to go? Can you somehow map the same background image into an object, in a way that it’ll make said object blend into the background?


Couldn’t you just parent a plane to the camera and align the plane so it always occupies the camera’s field of view?

Then you could drop shadows on to the plane if needed. Or simply make it shadless to simulate the background.