background image

When following tutorials which use background images, how do maintain the background image in view 1, top and 3?

You can’t make a background image stick to a view, but you can split up your viewports and have a front, side and top and assign a separate background image to each of them.

How do I keep the background image in place, even after saving and coming back it’s gone, when trying to reload it the error is the image can’t be found?

If you save, close Blender, then open your file again and if all your file paths are the same, your background image should still be there.

But if you changed the file path to the image, by renaming a folder, moving the image etc., the file path will be broken and Blender won’t be able to find it.

Hope it helps.

Are you saying to save the ojb file into blender, don’t make another folder like one on the desktop?

I tried it and for now it seems to be working thank you.

I can’t load background image at all…is it because I don’t have Python?

For some reason, the image is only seen through camera. Please help.

mhroy: Have you tried using Front (NUMPAD1) Side (NUMPAD3) and Top (NUMPAD7) views? The background image should appear there, but not in a MMB pan. And no Python should have nothing to do with it.

Yes, I’ve tried all views and the image is missing from all of them except the camera view. It is very strange, since I insert/initiate it from top view, but it only is available at camera view… Any thoughts? what could be a problem?

You could upload a blend file containing the problem. You’ll need to pack the image too (File>External Data>Pack into blend file)

What file type is your image?
GIFs dont display for me, and PNGs slow blender down a lot.
HighRes photo’s slow it down to.

I don’t know if I did it right, but here you go.


backgr.blend (193 KB)

It is regular jpeg file.

mhroy: A simple fix. In front view, hit NUMPAD5 to go to ortho mode. That should get your bckground image back.

Thanks, it worked! A lot of headache about one simple button… How do I add “brown” points (reputation) to other users in this forum?