background image

wasn’t sure which subforum to put it on so I chose basics.

How do you add a background image in 2.53, I know in 2.49 but not in the new one?

Press N in the 3D view to show the properties panel. In this panel you’ll see Background Images. Check that and expand it to add some.

thanks for thatt

wait, how do I get it to show up? I opened the file on background image in properties, but it hasn’t done anything.

Make sure you are in orthographic view by pressing 5 on the numpad

I am, but it doesn’t seem to have done anything still, I can access the image if I render it, but that’s not what I want it for.

That doesn’t make sense, you don’t see the background image when you render !

I don’t see it automatically when iI render, I meant that on the screen that rendering brings up, I can change it so I see the background image instead of the render.

EDIT: the video helped and it’s working now thanks. (had stupidly forgotten to tick the box)